Turkey Servers Silkroad Online Official Opening Soon!

silkroad online
silkroad online

📩 13/10/2023 11:04

Silkroad Online servers Official Turkey is opening soon! : One of the world throughout the past with today's most MMORPG game played in Turkey and loved by players of Silkroad Online game quite servers Turkey Turkish official game production company is opening very soon with the investment gamegami!

GameGami Informatics Inc. by Joymax Co., the producer company of the Silkroad Online game. Ltd. As a result of the agreement made with Turkey after official servers it is coming very soon! Under the agreement, all of the license rights in Turkey, with the result that GameGain keep my hands to Turkish players adventure begins now.

Silkroad Online story will be rewritten with new servers that will be adapted according to the likes and tastes of Turkish players!

After this deal done, our Chairman "Mehmet Zayd GAIN" announced in, "we have been following for a long time, we analyze the very good and we know well all of the player's expectations, too, which is a huge fan base" Silkroad Online "game of from floor Turkey our broadcast rights within the company we are happy and proud. We are excited for the first time that a Turkish game company will publish the game "Silkroad Online". Especially Joymax Co Ltd. I thank CEO Lee Gil-hyung and Turkey since the beginning of this game we have to help the team to be published by Joymax lent my GameGain too.

We are aware that Silkroad Online players are in great anticipation of and in this context we are preparing a series of regulations according to our demands and observation of the players in Turkey servers.

Our analysis under one roof at the Silkroad Online game, especially in Turkey and will be played on the server to operate legally, the confidence in the game and the excitement of the old we believe will increase much more. We are happy if we have been able to excite the game lovers a little bit during these difficult days that we have been going through in the country and the world. We are designing our servers to be opened so that Silkroad lovers will like it and will love to play for many years and remember the old Silkroad Online days while playing. Since the first announcement of the deal on our social media accounts, we have encountered an incredible amount of demand and interest. Although we cannot reply to all of the messages, you can be sure that our team is interested one by one with all the suggestions sent to us. During this period, we want to avoid any question marks that may arise by answering certain questions sent to us. " He gave a statement in the form. Turkish players in the dreams of adorning Official Turkey servers first week of September to begin closed beta is planned. After the closed beta is completed, the story will begin with the official opening in mid-October.

Official Site: http://silkroad.gamegami.com/

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