PayCore Agrees With Shell & Turcas For A Solution That Ease The Cash Management Of Fleets


PayCore, the leading and innovative company in the payment systems industry, undertook the credit card payment infrastructure and management in the Shell Vehicle Identification System. Dealers will now be able to collect payments from Shell Vehicle Identification System customers by credit card. With this new service, easy and effective cash management will be provided from SMEs to large corporate companies.

paycor to, more than 1.000 petrol stations serving a major deal with Shell & Turcas Turkey has carried out. PayCore, the leading payment systems company, will enable Shell Vehicle Identification System (TTS) users to make payments with credit cards. PayCore has undertaken the entire infrastructure and management of this solution. Thanks to this infrastructure, the industry's most advanced and secure customer experience is also offered to Shell Vehicle Identification System users, while it is aimed to facilitate the cash management of all commercial fleet customers from SMEs to large corporate companies.

Shell Vehicle Recognition is an important innovation that said paycor CEO for the sector able payment is received in the system from the credit card Turgut South, "paycor to approximately 20 thousand companies in Turkey and used by 500 thousand over car Shell Vehicle Recognition System's credit card We will provide payment services and security with. “We aim to be a business partner that adds value to Shell customers with this collaboration, which is also provided by PayCore,” he says.

Güney says that, as PayCore, they will offer Shell TTS customers instant payment by using credit cards in the safest way and said, “With this infrastructure, it is aimed to reduce operational costs and to maximize the station experience of Shell Vehicle Identification System customers with fast collection of dealers. In this project, we undertook the Virtual POS definition of fuel dealers and Vehicle Identification System users, discount offers, credit card entry and management, pre-authorization payment, reconciliation and reporting services as PayCore. Our aim is Turkey's operational strength of our software and payment technologies and contribute to the success of all the leading companies in the world. " he adds.

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