Who is Seyyal Taner?

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Seyyal Taner (September 28, 1952, Sanliurfa), Turkish singer and actress. He brought a difference to the stages with his colorful range of Turkish pop music and Turkish rock music, unlike the singing vocalists, he was able to go out with his dancers and dance and sing, unlike the singing vocalists, he was able to dance and sing with his dancers, brought rock music to the Turkish style casino culture, and attracted attention with his voice and interesting outfits. He is known as a rebellious, extraordinary and brave singer of Turkish pop-rock music, and the press of the period nicknamed him the native Tina Turner. His father gave the name Seyyal, which means "fluent" in Persian.

Music career

First years
After settling in Istanbul with his family, Seyyal Taner completed his primary education and graduated from the American Girls' College. He received ballet education from outside at the Istanbul State Conservatory during his school years, and due to his interest in music, he started taking lessons from Şerif Yüzbaşıoğlu in 1965. In the same year, he was 3rd in a beauty contest. After a while, she started to sing as an amateur in Kanat Gür Orchestra.

During a concert in Istanbul, he meets the Los Bravos ensemble and the members of the band, seeing their interest in music, offer a role in a musical film after returning to Spain. He went to Spain in 1968 and starred in this film. Villa Rides movie takes proposals from the film during the operation and after playing a small role in this film continues to study theater and in many films back to Turkey "vamp" gathers attention with roles. Later, she left her film studies and traveled to Germany and married Peter Harold, guitarist of the Los Bravos ensemble. Shortly after the marriage takes part in films again go back to Turkey. However, after a while, he quits cinema and turns to music.

Seyyal Taner later started singing with the support of Selda Bağcan, Ferhan Üçoklar and Arda Uskan and got ready to take the stage with Emel Sayın. Neşet Ruacan takes the stage with the orchestra accompanied by Seyhan Karabay and Sedat Avcı. Seyyal Taner's repertoire consists of foreign songs and one Turkish song runs for the closing. This song, performed by Seyyal Taner for the first time, is Erkin Koray's song named “Şaşkın”. Haldun Dormen, who is among those who watched Seyyal Taner, who also made a strong impression with the stage costumes prepared by Yıldırım Mayruk, comments that a panther fell on the stages due to his stage performance.

1974 June's first record is God's Witness - Now You Are There. He broadcasts the first 45 'record from his company, "Number 1 Plakçılık", produced by Ali Kocatepe. On one side of the record is the fragment of Erkin Koray, "God is my Witness", and on the other side is "You Are Here" by Doğan Canku. In the same year, he participated in the movie Kısmet, with the leading roles of Neşe Karaböcek and İzzet Günay, as a guest artist and voices "You Are Now". After his first record, his second 45, Nene Hatun-Loneliness One Also Ask Me. However, he did not get a good start with his first two 45s.

In 1975, he participated in the Antalya festival with Ali Kocatepe, Esmeray, İlhan İrem, Gökben, Funda and Ertan Anapa, and his songs Run to Antalya were released as a record in the same year. In the same year, he started his professional stage studies and performed professionally for the first time at Lalazer Casino. Since the end of 1975, he continues his stage works as the trio "Seyyal-Seyhan-Sedat".

He changed the company in 1976 and transferred to Yavuz Asöcal Records. His third 45, which he published from this company, gets the expected attention with I Ended My Heart's Job - Farewell. As a continuation of this record, he released the fourth record in his career named Kalbimi Forgiven-Sarmas Dolaş. The lyrics of this project's songs, which first put an end to his heart and then forgive him, belong to Ülkü Aker. The same year, the movie titled Boots, which he shared with Cemil Şahbaz, brings together many famous names. Some of those names are Tülay Özer and Asu Maralman, the older sister of Zerrin Özer.

Success chart: Golden Plate
He makes a big bang with his third 45th work "I Ended My Heart's Work". Make that sits on Turkey's agenda at a time with dances and shows. He makes great hits like I Forgive My Heart, "I Miss You So Much", "Don't Laugh Your Neighbor" after this big exit. He receives three consecutive Golden Plate Awards with the records of "I Ended My Heart's Work", "I Forgive My Heart" and "Don't Laugh Your Neighbor".

The movie Puss in Boots, which he played in 1976, brings together many famous personalities of our stage world [citation needed] and the next year, Seyyal Taner song named “I Ended My Heart's Work” was taught by Adile Naşit and her fellow actors in Hababam Class Awakening, it provides great success. . At that time, Çiğdem Talu and Melih Kibar, who rose to power with their Erol Evgin songs, prepared two 1977s for Seyyal Taner in 45. The first of these is the Don't Laugh Neighbor-I Miss You Very Arenged by Norayr Demirci and the other is Sorma What Was O-Why Didn't Come Up, arranged by Timur Selçuk.

Television: The first television musical
Throughout 1978, he prepared a new day with his orchestra clue quintet and shows up on TRT today with his song `` Bahar '', but the track is not recorded on the record, but in 1979 he prepares the first TV musical of TRT history called “Çırpınış” which is a different version of Asiye How to Survive. .

In 1980, the first album “Lider”, whose arrangements were prepared by Osman İşmen with the support of Selami Şahin, Ahmet Selçuk İlkan and Ülkü Aker, was released and after this album, he entered a period of silence for a while.

In 1981, he made a big breakthrough with his song “Naciye” and immediately afterwards, he appeared on TRT screens with his song “Against the Day”, which he received from the cue five of the MFÖ, Seyhan Karabay and Galip Boransu ex-orchestra. Due to the boycott he saw from TRT, he cannot broadcast these tracks as vinyl. “Against the Day” was recorded by Mazhar-Fuat-Özkan in 1984 and the band got a big break with this piece. “Naciye”, on the other hand, becomes the soundtrack for Ahu Tuğba's film The Queen without a Crown in 1984.

In 1986, "Naci" and "Layla" with songs redo output and 1986 Eurovision Turkey Finals in lyrics and music Olcayto Ahmed Tuğsuz belonging to "the world" is the song of the Eurovision joins with Aysun Aslan dance groups Turkey qualifying, but Ilhan Irem and Melih Kibar gets the same score as Klips and They, who performed their joint composition “Halley”. Since there are two winners in the competition, the jury's vote counts as two points, and with the decision of the jury, the song wins first and represents the country.

In 1986, he made a new album for the first time in years. The album was printed only as a cassette, although records were not yet dated at that time. In this album named Leyla, the lyrics and compositions of all the songs, except for the song "You Also Dance" by Aysel Gürel, belong to Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz. In addition, Seyyal Taner published his songs named “Naciye” and “Dünya” in different versions for the first time in this album.

Eurovision experience
Seyyal Taner, Turkey qualifying Eurovision Song Contest 1987 "Song of Love on top" piece called, attended by Locomotive music group, will be the last in the competition. But years later, at the 2007th anniversary of Eurovision, a short section of "My Song Is On Love" is presented to the audience in the section "Unforgettable Dances". The song was also read in French with the name "Une Melodie". Although my song was re-released as a CD in the album "Best 2 / Naciye" in XNUMX, unfortunately, the French of the song remains on the records.

In 1989, he returned to the world of music with the album Nanay. He worked with Istvan Leel Ossy and Fahir Atakoğlu for the first time on the album before anyone else. This album, prepared by his own producer, is released from the music. He works with names such as Zeynep Talu, Fahir Atakoğlu, Orhan Atasoy, Istvan-leel-ossy on the album. With this album, Seyyal Taner gets full marks from the audience with his album consisting of songs that are composed of a musical background above the country's standards and timeless arrangements. He also appeared in Orhan Atasoy's "Gemiler" clip, with which he worked on this album. Although he read the English version of the song Nanay on television programs, this version was not included in the album.

Allama Scaled
In 1990, he ended his professional stage work and started to spend most of his days in Bodrum. In 1991, he came back to the agenda with his album Alıldı Pulıldı. In addition to being spoken with the song "The Language of My Poetry", the composition works on the album also reveal another artist's side. The album receives a gold tape award for sales exceeding 1 million. Recorder Metin Güneş organizes a night to reward Fedon and Seyyal Taner, the artists of his company.

Seyyal Taner, who released another album called Geliyorum in 1993, shows his fans that he has not lost anything from his previous performance. He sings his song again, adapting it for Galatasaray football club, and this version of the song becomes an anthem for the stands. The old songs of the artist started to be reprinted after the album Alıldı Pulıldı attracted great attention. Nanay album was re-released by Vepa-Export company under the name of “Kalbimi Stolen Sevgilim Oldun”, while a compilation album consisting of the old 45s was released by Yavuz Asöcal record label “I Forgive My Heart”.

In 2002, he continues his music with his album Seyyalname. In 2005, Seyyal Taner, which is the CD edition of the album entitled Kalbimi Affettim, which was released in 1993, first covered the song Evların Önü Painted Direk in 2006 but did not release it. In 2007, he released the albums called Seyyal Taner 2 - Naciye with the Best and transferred his songs from records to digital media. In 2007, he performed a duet on the first album of the rock band Zakkum, Zehr-i Zakkum, on the song "Erkek Adamsın".

He also states that he is continuing his musical studies with his friends Grammy award-winning rock band Spyro Gyra and states that he will make an album where he will read the folk songs in rock style, but the album is not released.

In 2007, I ended my heart's business in 3 compilation albums once, in 2008 with the compilation albums Bir Zamanlar 4 and Cahideayfa, with the songs "Gülme Komşuna", "Dört Duvar" in the special album and "The Language of My Poetry" in the album called Zilli Parkusal. takes place.

Private life
Seyyal Taner which brings artists from the western approach to the stage show, is Turkey's first female rock singer shared the stage with rock band. Period has brought sound to life with interesting and different costumes and art by the press of the period, Turkey was given the name Tina Turner. Seyyal Taner, whose leopard-patterned clothes are widely spoken, attracted attention with his dances, wamp character and rebellious words in his songs.

The artist, who has been awarded many awards so far, still continues his music studies. There are many famous names such as Candan Erçetin, Sertab Erener, İzel, Özlem Tekin, Işın Karaca and Harun Kolçak among some names who have been vocalists for the artist until today.


45 albums 

  • God Is My Witness - Now You Are (Number One, 1974) (authors, Ali Kocatepe)
  • Nene Hatun - Ask Me for Solitude, Also (Number One, 1975) (authors, Ali Kocatepe, Doğan Canku, et al.)
  • I Ended My Heart's Job - Farewell (Yavuz, 1976) (authors, Ülkü Aker.)
  • I Forgive My Heart - Sarmaş Dolaş (Yavuz, 1976) (authors, Ülkü Aker, et al.) 
  • Laughing Will Happen to Your Neighbor - I Miss You So Much (Yavuz, 1977) (authors, Çiğdem Talu and Melih Kibar) 
  • Don't Ask What Was It - Why Didn't You Come (Yavuz, 1977) (authors, Çiğdem Talu and Melih Kibar)
  • My Song On Love - Une Melodie (TRT, 1987)

Studio albums 

  • Leader (Yavuz, 1981)
  • Leyla (Yavuz, 1986)
  • Nanay (Echo, 1989)
  • Allama Pulıldı (Güneş, 1991)
  • I'm Coming (The Sun, 1993)
  • Seyyalname (Elenor, 2002)
  • Ethnic Rock (Major, 2012)
  • Trio (Ossi, 3)

Compilation albums 

  • Best of all Seyyal Taner (Ossi Music, 2005)  
  • Naciye (1986-1987) (Ossi Music, 2006)

Reinterpreted songs 

  • "Ask Me The Loneliness Also (Longing Song)" (Aylin Urgal)
  • "Alıldı Stamp" (Metin Özülkü, Ferdi Özbeğen, Pınar Darcan, Coşkun Sabah, Berna Öztürk)
  • "I Ended My Heart's Work" (Ebru Aydın, Zeliha Sunal, Hurşit Yenigün)
  • "I Can Live Without You" (Haluk Levent)
  • "Don't laugh at your neighbor" (Nükhet Duru)
  • "Naciye" (Hande Yener)
  • "What's Happening" (Blue)
  • "The Language of My Poetry" (Coşkun Sabah)
  • "Now You Are" (Heavenly)


Year Hood Role Notes
1968 Mr. Aslan Sureyya
1968 Black Sun Zeynep
1968 Immortal man First motion picture
1968 Villa Rides Guerrilla Girl
1972 Hit
1972 Shoot Gardas Shoot Kemal's love
1972 Wild Love Sultan
1972 Prisoners of the Wild Esma
1972 Dangerous Mission Basil
1972 Dream Player Falling Into Water Seher, Nevin
1972 Convicted Lamia
1972 Karaoglan is Coming
1972 Lawman rosette
1972 Bloody Revenge Bern
1972 pricks Selma
1972 First love
1972 Bandit Hunter
1972 Revenge of Haci Murat
1972 Will You Make Love With Me Sibel
1972 There was Blood in the West / Death in the West
1973 This Land's Daughter
1973 Savagery Ayse
1973 Omer Hayyam Semra It was adapted from the life of Ömer Hayyam.
1973 Tar Baby Seyyal
1973 The unfortunate
1973 Blend Last Elif
1973 The Wounds in Heart The Heart Presents
1973 Ruler of the Nights Sema
1973 Fate Sign
1973 Foe Natasha
1973 Mountain Law Meryem
1973 Çoban Love
1973 Genghis Khan's Fedaisi Chun-Li
1974 Television Niyazi Leaf
1974 Kismet Seyyal Taner
1974 Hire Tramp Presented
1974 Emperor caress
1974 Beyond the Night / Whether you are offended Leyla
1974 Let My Enemies Crack
1974 Cafer's Hookah Player
1974 Five Chickens One Rooster caress
1975 The Victim of Lust, Sevket Nuran
1976 Puss in Boots Seyyal
2016 Say Go Leyal's mother
TV Series
Year Hood Role Notes
1986-1988 Perihan Sister Gülsüm Percons Meric
2002 Azad Sea Defence
2004 Istanbul is my witness Aylin
2006 macho Aunt Dilan
2000-2006 Our Home Situations Pure Joy
2012 Sweetheart Seyyal Taner
2014 Is a laugh Seyyal Taner Guest artist

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