Bursa Entrepreneur Exports The Engines Produced With Domestic Facilities To The World

scholarship entrepreneurs are exporting their engines to the world
scholarship entrepreneurs are exporting their engines to the world

Alida Motor, a member of the Bursa Space Aviation Defense Cluster (BASDEC), which designs and produces the engines of light aircraft with domestic facilities in Bursa, is successful in exporting to countries such as Germany, Poland, USA and Pakistan. The company, which produces in a small workshop and processes all the stars it produces, is preparing to implement new projects in the field of aviation in the coming period.

BASDEC member companies that produce for the aerospace, defense and defense industry continue to attract attention with their projects. Alida Motor, founded in 2001 by Fahri Dönmez who retired from the Air Force, started his production journey with industrial fans for electricity and automation. The company took part in the defense catalog of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries in 2006 by participating in the localization studies of the thermal camera cooling fan of the M48 and M60 tanks. The company, which realized the engine design and production for light air vehicles by benefiting from KOSGEB's R&D Innovation Support Program, joined BASDEC in 2013.


Expressing that their participation in BASDEC, which was established within BTSO, was a turning point for their company, Alida Motor General Manager Fahri Dönmez said, “BASDEC, which operates under the umbrella of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, provides a broad vision for our company as well as providing the opportunity to establish business connections and develop collaborations. kazannagged. With the support of BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay and the members of the board of directors, we have made significant progress. Thanks to the cluster, we have improved our business by contacting the main defense industry companies. Thanks to the activities organized both in Turkey and abroad, we sent the engines we produced to a flight school in the USA and a defense industry company in Pakistan.” said.


Company technical knowledge and experience with people of the samples in terms of showing something on their own can produce Honorary not start telling create a model, said that more than 30 engines used for flights in Turkey. Noting that they also sell to Germany and Poland, Dönmez said, “We visited the USA in November last year within the scope of the UR-GE project carried out by BTSO with the support of the Ministry of Trade. We had a meeting here with the motorized paragliding flight school that we had previously written. They demanded a different design from us. We prepared the engine in March and went to the USA again. Our motor flew at an event in Florida. Also liked. All the engines we produce have moon and star embroidery. Motor everyone was very surprised when he heard that produced in Turkey. Currently, our cooperation with this school continues. He had some new demands, we are evaluating them. ” said.


Stating that they are also producing for a Pakistani defense procurement company, Dönmez said, “We contacted Pakistan at the Azerbaijan International Defense Fair ADEX, which we attended with BASDEC in 2016. Afterwards, a company that needs engines related to the target aircraft contacted us. They came to Bursa and visited our workshop. They suggested cooperation. We had a 260-horsepower engine that was suitable for carrying weights up to 38 kg. We transformed it according to the target plane. Then we went to Pakistan and placed our engine on the plane. There were proposals to establish a joint company here. Currently, our contact with the company continues. ” he spoke.

Towards the end of the poultry mule project

Fahri Dönmez also said that they have developed projects jointly with companies within BASDEC. Stating that preparations are continuing in two new projects within this scope, Dönmez said, “We created a working group for the production of 115 horsepower light aircraft engines. We are at the stage of realizing the first start of this engine with a similar manufacturing method and design over the engine sent as a grant by our Defense Industry Department through the cluster. Our second project is preparing to carry unmanned cargo. In our project named 'Winged Mule', motorized paragliding was designed in a structure consisting of parafoil wing form. We have come to the final stages. Hopefully we will do the first tests very soon. This project excites us very much. It will carry useful loads up to 350 kg. 'Poultry Mule' can be used for military purposes, and can be used for many different purposes such as feeding natural life in natural disasters and areas with transportation difficulties. ” said.


Explaining that they produce a concept engine that operates independently of the cylinders, Alida Engine General Manager Dönmez said, “We have produced a modular engine where each part can replace each other. A motor that does not have a main part, does not require heavy maintenance, can operate cylinders one by one and turn off. We presented it as a utility model, but it was registered and patented. Of course, this represents an idea. We will work harder on it. We want to use the variable-angle propeller design of Emrullah Ali Yıldız from Bursalı on this engine. ” said.


Noting that they aim to show that people with technical knowledge in small workshops with narrow sources can also do intellectual studies, Dönmez said: “This bullet is the Kırıkkale infantry rifle bullet used in the time of the National Struggle. At that time, the elderly, women, people who could not go to the war line under the stairs and basements filled the bullet and sent it to the front. This bullet symbolizes the struggle of those who try to express their technical knowledge and experience in small places like us. Firms like us will also contribute to the technological breakthroughs of our country. As the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, 'Whatever the real ideal for the country will be, you will walk to that goal.' If our real country is independence and technical independence is our top priority today, we will continue to work together on this. ”

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