Sarajevo Tram Modernization Tender

Sarajevo Tram Map
Sarajevo Tram Map

Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo tram modernization tender has been concluded. The 8,5 km long tram tender between Ilidza and Museji by the Sarajevo government is financed by the European Union loan (EBRD). The results of the modernization tender with an estimated cost of EUR 20 million will be announced in January 2021.

There was even a tender for the renewal of used vehicles. The cost of this tender, financed by the EBRD, was 30 million EURO. Tatra firm, which won the tender, has already started production. Even the old trams used will be replaced by Tatra K2 trams.

Sarajevo tram line consists of seven lines in total

  1. Line: Željeznička stanica - Baščaršija
  2. Line: Čengić Vila - Baščaršija
  3. Line: Ilidža - Baščaršija
  4. Line: Ilidža - Željeznička stanica
  5. Line: Nedžarići - Baščaršija
  6. Line: Ilidža - Skenderija
  7. Line: Nedžarići - Skenderija (not working)



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