Road Line Study for Safe Transportation in Samsun

Road line work for safe transportation in Samsun
Road line work for safe transportation in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality carried out a slowdown warning line study with 7 thousand 31 square meters of road line and 88 thousand 10 square meters of pedestrian crossing in 686 months throughout the province for citizens to travel on safe roads.

The teams affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation continue to work day and night to ensure comfortable and safe transportation and controlled passage of the citizens through pedestrian crossings in the city center and all districts in the first 7 months of this year. The teams that made a slowdown warning line with 31 thousand 88 square meters of road and 10 thousand 686 square meters of pedestrian crossings in Samsun, also completed the work of 37 pedestrian figures, 10 disabled parking lot figures and 157 vehicles parking line.

The teams also attach great importance to both vehicle and pedestrian safety by carrying out signaling studies in many regions.

Underlining that Samsun has a wide geography, the Head of Transportation Department Kadir Gürkan said, “In line with the instructions of our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, our Directorate of Science Works solves the transportation problem of our city and constructs roads worthy of Samsun. We are also doing line work on these completed roads. "We are working for our citizens to travel safely with yellow lines in snowfall and foggy areas and white lines in other areas."



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