Symphonic Tunes Will Rise From the Ancient City of Patara

Symphonic melodies will rise from the historical atmosphere of Patara Ancient City, one of the unique beauties of Anatolia, the cradle of civilizations.

In the magnificent concert where examples from world music will be performed with the symphony orchestra, Cecilia Krull, who sang the music of the TV series La Casa De Papel with the world famous DJ Burak Yeter, will take the stage. Russian artist Siniahrybava Tatsiana and Dutch songwriter, producer and vocalist Allan Eshuijs will also be other famous names to share the stage.

The “Patara Year Concert”, which will be staged by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Antalya State Symphony Orchestra under the conductor Oğuzhan Kavruk, will meet with art lovers on the evening of August 27th at 20.30.

Tickets for the concert to be held in Patara Ancient City and details about the event can be found in the "Sanat Cepte" and "Biletinial" applications.

First Concert After Restoration

Patara, which was the capital of the Lycian Union in ancient times, has many important cultural assets from the city gate to the waterways, from the theater to the parliament building.

After the reinforcement, stage cleaning, excavation works, various restorations and conservatories and landscaping activities, the area was made ready for activities in the ancient theater of Patara, which is one of the important elements of the city, which is admired with its natural beauty.

Following the announcement of 2020 as the "Year of Patara" by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the event to be held in the ancient city will be the first concert after the restoration.



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