Orienteering Activities Have Restarted

orienteering activities resumed
orienteering activities resumed

Turkey Orienteering Federation in August 8 by 9-2020 Poyrazlar Natural history Sakarya Turkey Championship held at the Park Biking Orienteering is completed.

competition from more than 100 contestants participated in various provinces of Turkey. The tracks with different difficulties according to gender and age groups provided the athletes with tiring but fun hours. Aykun Taşçıoğlu from Istanbul Orienteering Sports Club (iog) for men and Hilal Oruç from İnegöl Belediyespor won the first place on the second day of the race, which also qualifies as a national team selection. The participation of many athletes by setting up a tent camp in the nature park by Poyrazlar lake added a different color to the competition. The head of the federation, Hacer Akyüz, who spoke at the award ceremony, gave the good news that the next race to be held in Amasya at the end of August will likewise be offered a tent camping opportunity by the lake.

Orienteering is a sport branch that has become increasingly known in recent years and requires both mental and physical skills and struggle against nature. In this branch, where the aim is to find specific targets sequentially with the help of a map, it can be done easily and with interest from 7 to 70 thanks to the routes prepared according to age groups. Activities are organized in 4 main branches: skiing, wheelchair, cycling and running. Turkey Orienteering Federation website for more details and to participate in activities http://www.oryantiring.org You can visit.

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