Minister Pekcan Announces 6-Month E-Commerce Data

Pekcan Minister: "Turkey's e-commerce volume increase of 6 percent in the first six months was 64 billion 91 million pounds. The 700 percent (91 billion pounds) from domestic spending, 83,3 percent (5 billion pounds) purchases from Turkey and other countries, also occurred in 4,5 percent of purchases from Turkey and other countries "

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, Turkey's e-commerce volume in the first 6 months of the year increased by 64 percent compared to the same period last year reported that 91 billion 700 million pounds.

Minister Pekcan announced the e-commerce data for the January-June period at a press conference held at the Ministry. Ministers Pekcan, where in his speech, said that Turkey's total e-commerce volume amounted to last year's 136 billion pounds, a new type that is a critical activity of the e-commerce coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic period, he said more clearly emerge.

Stating that all sectors effectively use e-commerce in domestic and foreign trade, Pekcan said, "When we consider our country's geo-strategic position and logistical advantages, it is possible for us to become a global e-commerce center." said.

Stating that they support the membership of the business world to e-commerce sites as the Ministry, Pekcan noted that 135 thousand SMEs participated in the campaign of the Ministry as "We are by the SMEs as E-Commerce" and that the campaign provided additional employment to 7 thousand people.

Pekcan stated that 3 thousand 761 SMEs met e-commerce with the campaign and 1,2 billion liras were transferred to SMEs.

Turkey and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of "e-commerce trust stamp" Minister Pekcan explaining that they develop ni, "So far, 17 service providers, e-commerce trust received a stamp. The processes of other service providers continue. " he spoke.

Pekcan stated that 230 thousand people have started to use the "E-commerce Information Platform", which was opened at the end of March, and that 24 thousand people have benefited from free e-commerce training and 6 thousand 500 people have benefited from e-commerce consultancy services.

Minister Pekcan gave the following information about the platform users: “37,5 percent of the user data are between the ages of 25-34, 22,5 percent are between the ages of 35-44, 18 percent are between the ages of 18-24 and 12,5 percent. We see that between the ages of 45-54. On this occasion, I request both our citizens and businesspeople to get information about e-commerce and register their e-commerce sites to the system via ''. "

"There is a 64 percent increase in e-commerce volume"

Stating that the volume of e-commerce increased by 6 percent in the six months of the year compared to the same period of the previous year, it reached 64 billion 55 million liras from 900 billion 91 million lira, “700 percent of this (91 billion lira) is from domestic expenditures, 83,3 percent (5 billion pounds) purchases from Turkey and other countries, covers purchases from Turkey and other countries 4,5 percent. " used the expression.

Referring to the distribution of e-commerce according to payment methods, Pekcan said, “Of the total e-commerce, 58 billion lira (63,3 percent) is paid by card payments, 30,1 billion lira (32,7 percent) via money order / EFT and 3,4 billion lira (4 percent) was paid at the door. " said.

Pointing out that 60 percent of the total e-commerce is carried out in 3 provinces, Pekcan stated that it is distributed as 47 percent Istanbul, 8 percent Ankara and 5 percent İzmir.

"74 percent of the payments are in cash"

Pekcan stated that the average basket amount was determined as 107 liras and 79 kuruş, and said:

“This amount was 178 lira for card transactions, 63 lira for money orders, and 70 lira for payments at the door. According to the payment systems, we see that the airline payment basket is 907 lira, 40 lira for dinner, 76 lira for book magazine, 167 lira for electronics, 89 for flowers, 214 for clothing and 150 for travel. "

Stating that 74 percent of e-commerce spending is in cash and 26 percent is in installments, Pekcan said, “68 percent of home and decoration, 45 percent of white goods, 32 percent of electronics, 29 percent of clothing, 7 percent of the books and magazines were realized as installment purchases. " he spoke.

Pekcan stated that when evaluated on a day basis, the e-commerce volume was higher in the first days of the week and decreased towards the end of the week.

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