Micro and Macro Scale Transportation Modeling Simulation Training

micro and macro scale transportation modeling simulation training
micro and macro scale transportation modeling simulation training

"Micro and Macro Scale Transportation Modeling Simulation Training" is carried out under the coordination of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources and Training Department and the Transportation Department. The training, supported by the Çukurova Development Agency, will last 12 days between 21-8 August. Thanks to the software that will be explained in the training, margins of error can be detected in projects related to transportation in Mersin and projects that will create both more permanent and efficiency in resources will be implemented.

Software covering urban transportation is explained in the training

A total of 12 people, including the Public Transport Branch Manager, civil, transportation, mapping and electrical electronics engineers, electronics technicians and technicians, participate in the trainings given by City Planner Hilal Saat and Civil / Transportation Engineer Halil Şentürk. VISUM, VISSIM and VISTRO trainings are given to the team, which is involved in macro and micro projects of the city.

Thanks to the software, project errors can be detected in advance

VISUM software provides an impact on transportation strategy and modeling. With this training, the participants observe the software's network and demand modeling, analysis of traffic flow, planning of public transportation services, development of transportation strategies and solutions.

VISSIM, a Micro Scale Traffic Simulation Software, concerns all road users such as private vehicle traffic, logistics services, public transportation, pedestrians and cyclists. VISTRO, which covers points such as determining the intersection service level, signal time optimization, traffic impact analysis, is a software that has the ability to manage multiple scenarios and generate comprehensive reports. Participants will be able to significantly reduce the margin of error in transportation projects in the city with the training they will receive within the framework of three software.

"Thanks to the training, we will prevent the mistakes that may occur in the projects we will do"

Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, spoke about the details of the training and said:

“Our friends working at our Transportation Planning Branch Directorate under our Transportation Department, ask the related public institutions for the projects accepted by the Çukurova Development Agency every year. After the Çukurova Development Agency accepted the project we sent about Macro and Micro Planning Software and stated that it would cover these training expenses and sent our esteemed teachers here, we started the 8-day training. The aim of our training is a software program in which the faulty parts of our projects that we plan to do in transportation can be presented to us with data before they come to life. In this direction, with the training to be received by our friends in the Transportation Planning Branch Directorate, we will be able to prevent possible mistakes in the projects we will do before the project construction. First of all, we will use our resources correctly. We will prevent faulty investments thanks to this training. "

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