At Metro Istanbul Capital 500

At Metro Istanbul Capital
At Metro Istanbul Capital

Metro Istanbul, carried out by the monthly business magazine Capital, Turkey is ranked the largest 500 private companies "Capital 500" took part in the research. Monthly carried out by the economics magazine Capital Turkey is ranked the 500 largest private companies "Capital 500" of the 23rd edition of the research were published this year. Metro Istanbul, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), ranks 414 in the list, which includes the most prestigious private sector companies in the country.

In the top 10 in the transportation category ...

1.032.810.485 pounds turnover, total assets 694.508.889 400.000.000 2.693 pounds, 10 million pounds of equity capital and number of employees by 2, Turkey's largest city Istanbul Metro rail operators, which took place in the XNUMXth Transportation category in the list. The company was carrying more than XNUMX million passengers a day before the coronavirus outbreak.

"We will rise to higher ranks with new investments ..."

Metro Istanbul General Manager Ozgur Soy, the company as the determination of Turkey's largest 500 companies expressed satisfaction with the Fortune 500 both take place in the Capital 500 list, "IMM rail substantial investment by 2020 and 2021 made the system 4 new line more we will activate. Thanks to these breakthroughs, we aim to rank higher in the coming years ”.



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