When Will Mersin Metro Tender Be Held? That Date

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer was the live broadcast guest of the Midday Program with Zeynel Lüle on Tele 1 screens. Mayor Seçer, who evaluated the agenda, talked about the services they provide for women as the Metropolitan Municipality, the projects carried out for tradesmen and craftsmen, and the works they have implemented in the fields of education, culture and arts.

"We will have a subway tender by the end of this week"

Mayor Seçer, who also evaluated the developments regarding the metro project in the program, said, “The metro, also known as the rail system, was one of the promises made by previous municipal administrations to the people of Mersin for many years. We had brought it to the tender stage before, and even had a tender, but in the tender, as a result of the objections to the Public Procurement Authority, the Public Procurement Authority canceled the tender. As a result of certain corrections we have made, we will have entered the tender by the end of this week, that is, by tomorrow at the latest ”.

Map of Mersin Metro

"It is important for women to participate in economic life"

Mayor Seçer said that within the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Women and Family Services, which is the only structure serving at the level of department among 30 Metropolitan Municipalities, important studies have been carried out in many areas such as women, families, children, violence against women, child abuse or women's participation in economic life. . Stating that they support cooperatives in all areas, Seçer continued as follows:

“Women have a special importance. Mersin is a region where especially Syrian refugees and guests are concentrated. Here, it is extremely important for women to participate in economic life. It is a city where there are huge gaps between the rich and the poor socio-economically. A city where agricultural production is important. Considering that a large number of people earn their lives from agricultural income, we support agricultural cooperatives, especially the organizations that women are in. Our women's cooperative is a cooperative established with our support. It is a cooperative where important work is done in the transformation of our women's hand labor, perspiration and production into economic value. Besides, the Agricultural Development Cooperative and many of our cooperatives are supported by our municipality. "

"We will carry out all the work for tradesmen"

Secor, first implemented in Turkey, tradesmen and artisans who bulunarak the description of a structure that I Mesdi education and counseling, "Artisans Table in this structure, and we have a Supreme Council. We will carry out all the works for tradesmen through the Supreme Council. The Tradesmen Desk is also an establishment that will help our more than 50 thousand tradesmen and craftsmen who are active in Mersin, especially with the problems they face with our municipalities ”.

"We fulfilled our duty during the pandemic process"

Emphasizing that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has fulfilled its duty during the pandemic process, Mayor Seçer said:

“Municipalities are the first to touch the citizens in such extraordinary conditions. As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, we think that we are doing our duty from our citizens' food demands to mask demands, from hot food needs to hygiene and disinfection processes. It is a period of serious damage all over the world. People could not find food, so to speak. This is where we stepped in. We made these contributions by our own means, we did all these studies with our own means. Those processes are over, but we didn't have the opportunity to raise donations or receive contributions from citizens. We had the opportunity to postpone the debts of tradesmen within the framework of the laws. We paid great attention to the water issue. Because of our debt, we did not cut the water especially in dwellings so that our citizens would not be dehydrated. We brought 3-month payment facility. I think we have presented what our citizens demanded from us within the bounds of possibility. "

Günceleme: 04/01/2023 09:06

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