Medipol Requested, TCDD Organized Tender

TCDD spent 92 thousand lira to separate the common heating system after the allocation of its 233-year-old guesthouse to Medipol, where Minister of Health Koca was the founder. BTS manager Eroğlu said that Medipol sold the old system for 60 thousand TL as scrap and the new system was established at Medipol's request.

According to the news of İsmail Arıvn from Birgün; "The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), located in Ankara Station Campus and Health Minister Fahrettin transferred due to her husband's Medipol founder of the University buildings did not spend thousands of pounds.

According to the information in the Public Procurement Bulletin, TCDD General Directorate held a tender on June 30 under the name of 'CTC building heating systems to be separated from the transferred guesthouse building and renewed'. It was reported that the tender was held for the TCDD Guest House building allocated to Medipol University, of which Health Minister Koca was the founder. The contract was signed on July 27 and 233 thousand TL was spent for the installation of the new heating system.


United Transport Workers Union (BTS) General Press and Publishing Secretary Ahmet Eroğlu said:

“The heating center of the buildings within the TCDD Ankara Train Station Campus was on the ground floor of the TCDD Guesthouse building, which was transferred to Medipol University. This heat center was a large unit that met the heat needs of the workplaces, general directorate, lodging, nursery and offices in the TCDD campus. Recently, Medipol wanted the places allocated to them but still used by TCDD to be evacuated. TCDD left 7 boilers with a total weight of approximately 35 tons, each weighing 5 tons, to Medipol, and set up a new heat center. The new heat center will be established in the CTC building at a cost of 233 thousand TL. "


Emphasizing that the public was harmed, Eroğlu said, “According to the rumors we have received, Medipol sold the boilers in the heat center in the building transferred to them as scrap for a price of 60 thousand TL” and added: “It is necessary to investigate the logic in which the materials belonging to the institution are sold in this way. Thousands of liras are spent on the building that will only be used for three years and a new heat center is established.


Reminding that union members have been exiled by the TCDD administration in recent months, Eroğlu said, “Pillage continues in every part of TCDD and our friends and our union member executives continue to be exiled by the TCDD administration since we share all these with the public. They handed over all critical places of TCDD. All the plots and lands belonging to the institution are disposed of one by one. We declare once again that we will not remain silent in the face of all these events. "



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