Mars Reconnaissance Vehicle Tiamwen-1 Traveled 8.23 ​​Million Kilometers

Mars probe satellite Tiamwen-1 has traveled more than eight million kilometers since leaving Earth. The Moon and Space Discovery Center of China's National Space Agency said today that the spacecraft performs its functions as predicted. At 23.30 on Wednesday, the vehicle on the Mars road was exactly 8,23 ​​million kilometers from the earth. At the same time, many instruments carried by the satellite completed the automatic check, reporting that everything was in normal condition.

China said to place the research satellite into orbit of this planet on July 23, then launch it to the surface of Mars and search the surface by means of a shuttle; so he sent it to take a first step towards the discovery of planets in the solar system.

The research satellite will reach Mars, called the "red planet", around February 2021. Once in orbit, the satellite will seek to discover a location to land on the surface for two or three months, and then land on the planet's surface.

Hibya News Agency

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