MAN's 50 Year Electric Bus Experience Crowned with Automotive Brand Contest 'Design Award'

manin annual electric bus experience was crowned with automotive brand contest design award
manin annual electric bus experience was crowned with automotive brand contest design award

Combining cutting-edge German technology with rational design and half a century of experience, MAN Truck & Bus won the international design competition Automotive Brand Contest 'Design Award' with its electric bus Lion's City E. MAN, which produced its first electric bus in 1970 in order to protect the fresh air and fight noise, has set criteria in the sector with its diesel engines as well as alternative propulsion system buses such as natural gas and hybrid produced sustainable and environmentally oriented. MAN, whose buses are used all over the world today, aims to reduce the emission and fuel consumption of the growing transportation fleets of cities with Lion's City E, which fascinates everyone with its technology and design.

With the globalizing world, the need for environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies has also increased. Many companies that see this have turned to electric vehicles today. Whereas, strong and deep-rooted brand of commercial vehicles MAN predicted this half a century ago and produced the first electric bus with the aim of contributing to human and environment. The introduction of the first 750 HO-M10 E model electric bus produced in order to make a positive contribution to combating air pollution and noise on city roads was made in Munich facility in 1970. The first prototype was delivered to a transport company in Koblenz in January 1971 to undergo a series of tests throughout the year, following extensive factory testing, following a huge repercussion. With a passenger capacity of 99 and a range of 50 kilometers, the electric bus, which did not make any major failures in regular service here, traveled about 6.000 kilometers without any exhaust emissions. The battery of the bus, which provides 2-3 hours of driving with the battery placed in the trailer and which provides continuous operation with the replacement of the replacement trailer, was charged during the hours when the electricity demand was low and cheap.

Olympic champions traveled by MAN electric buses

One of the most important productions of the period, MAN's electric buses were used to transport the top athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Champion athletes were transported between the Olympic Park and the Olympic Village with two electric and eight natural gas MAN buses. On October 15, 1974, MAN delivered its first new battery-powered buses to Mönchengladbach. The buses, which have been developed over the years, reaching a range of 50 kilometers thanks to the battery modules with increased capacities of 80 percent and the auto-replaced trailer module, were later used between the cities of Dusseldorf - Frankfurt am Main. Not only limited to electric buses in the production of environmentally friendly and innovative vehicles, MAN has made its difference by offering efficient diesel engines as well as hybrid drive systems and natural gas engines for many years. The company, which has been conducting research on hybrid bridging technology since the 1970s, is the first step in emission-free transportation, and the hybrid buses Lion's City Hybrid and MAN EfficientHybrid buses are among the most preferred models in urban transportation today.

Superior technology and rational design amaze those who see it

Combining half a century of experience in electric bus production with cutting-edge technology and rational design, MAN Truck & Bus opened a new era in this field with its electric bus Lion's City E. Lion's City E, which has 12 and 18 meters versions and launched at the 2018 IAA fair, amazes those who see it with its rational design and high-end technology. In addition to its well-thought-out general concept, Lion's City E also paves the way for public transport operators to enter the world of e-mobility with cell and battery technology.

Lion's City E, which entered the new year with 2020 İF Design Award, was deemed worthy of the 'Design Award' in the Automotive Design category of the international design competition Automotive Brand Contest. The awards given by the German Design Council for exceptional product and communication design every year are recognized as one of the world's most prestigious organizations in the field of design. Lion's City E, where he was a jury of journalists, design and communication experts, evaluated; In addition to being completely electric in the bus, the stylish Smart Edge design, which gives the city view a dynamic new style, the model-specific design assembly, the electric drive system, the high-quality sharp lateral outline exterior design, the stylish and well-proportioned roof structure, the pleasure gained by the throw of the engine tower at the back, He pointed out the bright seating area, new materials that reduce weight, dynamic, timeless lines that give the bus its own style, partitioned outer surface, color, flooring, lighting concept, interior space accessible by the disabled and ergonomic driver cockpit functions.

“The award shows how well our electric bus design is met”

Expressing that they are very happy to win the award, MAN Truck & Bus Bus Business Unit President Rudi Kuchta said, “Automotive Brand Contest is the only neutral international design competition for automotive brands and it is tight in competition. This makes the award even more satisfying for us. The award also shows how well our electric bus design is met. Behind this award is a highly motivated team that has been doing great things over the past few years. ” Rudi Kuchta, who also gave information about the amount of energy needed by the bus, said: “The 12-meter version of Lion's City E can take 88 passengers and the maximum of 18 passengers in the 120-meter version. The fully electric powertrain can produce power from 160 kW to 240 kW in a single bus. On the articulated bus, this figure varies between 320 kW and 480 kW. The energy required for this is provided by modular batteries with 480 kW installed in a single bus and 18 kW installed in the 640-meter version. Lion's City E can safely reach 200 km range and 280 km in favorable conditions throughout its service life. ”

“The new city bus is a groundbreaking e-mobility design of its generation”

"Our designers have developed a groundbreaking e-mobility design, taking the always well-considered concept of the new city bus generation," said Stephan Schönherr, who is the Vice President of Bus Design and responsible for the bus design of the MAN and NEOPLAN brands. This is an electric bus that has its own unique design but is immediately understood to be a member of the new MAN Lion's City family. In addition to this award at the Automotive Brand Contest, the 2020 IF Design Award and other awards impressively confirm the great work our team has done. He also underlines our opinion that buses designed to meet the urban transport needs of today and the future should also look attractive. ”

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