Wagon Repair Factory in Malatya to Be Opened This Year

Wagon Repair Factory in Malatya to Be Opened This Year
Wagon Repair Factory in Malatya to Be Opened This Year

Malatya Governor Aydın Baruş, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık made observations in the area of ​​the Wagon Repair Factory.

Stating that the Wagon Repair Factory was built years ago but could not be put into operation, Red Crescent President Kerem Kınık said, “We started the Wagon Repair Factory with the devotion of our Malatya Governor, Metropolitan Mayor and Deputies. kazanwe are trying to climb.

As Kızılay Sistem Yapı, light steel and modular production will begin here. It is establishing two factories in Kızılay Tekstil ve Çadır AŞ for the production of garments and tents. Our Governor and Mayor have sincere support in bringing the infrastructure and superstructure works to this area. Thanks to them, these steps are taken. Our facility, which will be put into service at the end of this year, will create employment for a thousand people and add value to Malatya. I would like to thank our esteemed Governor and Metropolitan Mayor once again for their invaluable support ”.

Gürkan: We will give all kinds of support to our Red Crescent

Stating that the Wagon Repair Factory was a huge investment made on time, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin Gürkan said, “Thanks to our Red Crescent General Manager, General Manager and everyone who contributed for their efforts to revive the Wagon Repair Factory, which was built years ago but turned into a dead investment. I would.

As Şehr-ül Emin, we will provide all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure support to our Red Crescent, which makes this investment. We will carry out activities such as water, sewage, road and landscaping as the Municipality. Studies are progressing very quickly. I believe it will be a logistics base at the point of textile production with its light steel and modular production. I would like to thank the Red Crescent President and other contributors who contributed to the construction of this facility. "Good luck to our Malatya."

Governor Baruş: Malatya is a very beautiful industrial facility kazanit will be

Stating that the Red Crescent produces services devotedly, Malatya Governor Aydın Baruş said, “The issue of evaluating the Wagon Repair Factory, which has been on the agenda of Malatya for years, created serious expectations in the public. When our Red Crescent took possession of this existing land, we, as Malatyalılar, were of course very happy. Because the Red Crescent is an organization that is our favorite. Our charity organization that makes our country known both in our country and in the world. They also did very valuable work in the 24 January earthquake. Our friends, who have always been on our field and who have helped us in our work with devotion, have been working in Kızılay.

It is a great chance for Malatya that our Red Crescent decided to make such a big investment here, and it is extremely important in terms of employment and Malatya being one of the logistics centers of the region. The factory established by Sistem AŞ to produce prefabricated structures, this organization established by Çadır AŞ at the point of producing disaster textiles and clothes requiring specialties, this organization will make Malatya a significant contribution to the region's being among the important provinces in terms of industry in the future. to be found.

As the Governorship of Malaya and the Metropolitan Municipality, it is our duty to provide the necessary convenience in these investment studies and to provide the necessary assistance in infrastructure when it becomes necessary. Such an investment in Malatya kazanIt's a big event in itself. Therefore, we would like to thank all our Red Crescent employees in the presence of our President of the Red Crescent. We would like to thank all our deputies and other interested parties who contributed to the construction of this facility here.”

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