Lexus Introduces Limited Edition LC Convertible Regatta

Lexus LC Convertible Regatta
Lexus LC Convertible Regatta

Premium car manufacturer Lexus continues to offer special models to the automobile world. Taking the impressive new LC Convertible forward, Lexus introduced the Regatta Edition, which will be produced in limited numbers with its unique color combination.

Lexus LC Convertible Regatta

Inspired by the ocean-going yachts, the LC Convertible Regatta Edition reflects the luxury of the sea with its dark blue color, roof and white / blue cabin. The special blue color scheme in the LC was created with advanced paint technologies to reflect the color depth of the natural world. Thanks to the micro particles in the paint pigments, all the curves of the body are revealed from different angles and lights.

Lexus LC Convertible Regatta

The soft roof of the Regatta Edition, on the other hand, perfectly matches the integrity of the vehicle with colors in marine blue tones. While both the exterior and interior design of the convertible LC Convertible were designed in a fluid harmony, a white predominant theme was preferred in the cabin. A contrast was achieved with dark blue colors on the dashboard, door panels, front seat headrest edges and seat belts.

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