Keltepe Ski Center Will Provide Service for 4 Seasons

Keltepe Ski Center Will Provide Service for 4 Seasons
Keltepe Ski Center Will Provide Service for 4 Seasons

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, AK Party Karabük Deputies Cumhur Ünal and Niyazi Güneş, CHP Karabük Deputy Dr. Hüseyin Avni Aksoy, Zonguldak Regional Director of Forestry Zekeriya Beyazlı and the Provincial Protocol, by making examinations on the road between Keltepe Ski Center and Eğriova Pond, to diversify the ski tourism in Karabük Keltepe Ski Center, which was opened last year and attracted great interest of all citizens, especially our local people. They made evaluations about what can be done for.

Governor Gürel and his deputies firstly decided to leave the Ministry of Youth and Sports 396 thousand 484 thousand 73 in order to control the entrance and exit to the mosque, toilets, ticket booths and facilities that are needed in order to provide better quality service to our citizens in Karabük Keltepe Ski Center Lower and Upper Day. They received information from Coşkun Güven, Provincial Director of Youth and Sports, about the projects planned to be made with an allowance of TL. Then, they received information from Mehmet Uzun, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, about the ongoing works by the Special Provincial Administration to make hot asphalt on the remaining part of the ski center road, whose 11,5 km of hot asphalt was completed last year.

In order to reveal the potential of alternative tourism in the region and to create a new destination in nature tourism, Zonguldak Regional Directorate of Forestry, Karabük Forestry Directorate and Yenice Forest Management Directorate teams, reducing the distance between Karabük Keltepe Ski Center and Eğriova Pond approximately 3 km and 7 km. Our Governor Gürel and Karabük Deputies, who examined the on-site expansion and infrastructure works on the Sorgun Plateau-Eğriova Pond forest road, received information from Zonguldak Regional Director of Forestry, Zekeriya Beyazlı.

The Governor Gürel and his deputies made evaluations about the work to be carried out in the region, not only with ski tourism in the winter but also in the summer months, in the Keltepe Ski Center, to increase the diversity of nature tourism, to increase the tourism destinations of our citizens and guests from outside the province, and to increase tourism destinations. .

Governor Fuat Gürel, Karabük Deputies and protocol members exchanged ideas about the projects that will integrate Keltepe Ski Center and Eğriova Pond and the works carried out in the region and completed the study tour they carried out in the Keltepe Region.

Günceleme: 25/08/2020 14:34

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