Who is Kadir İnanır?

Who is Kadir Believer
Who is Kadir Believer

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Kadir İnanır (April 15, 1949; Fatsa, Ordu), Turkish film actor, director.


Born in Fatsa, Kadir İnanır is the last child of his family. During her primary and secondary school education in Fatsa, she exhibited her stage talent at various school shows. Inanir, after graduating from Istanbul Haydarpasa High School, he graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio-Television.


In 1967, he made it to the finals in the “Cinema Artist Competition” organized by Ses magazine, and won the first place in the “Fotoroman Artisti Competition” of Saklambaç newspaper held in 1968. After playing in the photoromanes for a while, he started cinema with a small role in the movie Seven Steps Later (1968). He played the leading roles with Türkân Şoray in the movie Kara Gözlüm, directed by Atıf Yılmaz in 1970, for the first time. Later, he made many other films with Şoray and became one of the male stars of Turkish cinema.

Over time, he turned to more qualified films. Shame (1972) directed by Atıf Yılmaz, Selvi Boylum, Al Yazmalım (1977) and Bir Yudum Sevgi (1984), Ah Güzel İstanbul (1981) directed by Ömer Kavur (A Broken Love Story (1981) and Amansız Yol (1985) ), Tomruk (1982) directed by Şerif Gören, Say You Turks (1986) and Katırcılar (1987), Our Crime Being Human (1986) and 72th Ward (1987) directed by Erdoğan Tokatlı, The Thorny Road directed by Zeki Alasya (1986), Seven Sleepers (1988) directed by Zafer Par, Tatar Ramazan (1990) directed by Melih Gülgen and Tatar Ramazan Sürgür (1992).

Kadir Inanir, who was chosen as the Best Actor in the 5th Golden Boll Film Festival with the film Utanç (1973), which he shared with Filiz Akın, with the movie Şerif Gören in 1985, starring Fatma Girik, Serpil Çakmaklı, Nur Sürer, Erdal Özyağcılar. won the Best Actor award at the 1986 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Kadir Inanir won the award for Best Actor in the 1990rd Ankara Film Festival with his film Medcezir Scenes in 3. In 1998, he presented the main newsletter on Flash TV for 8 months.

The famous actor, who took part in the movie Sinser Çetin in 2000, Komser Şekspir in the recent period of Turkish cinema, came together with Türkân Şoray in the movie Unsented Letters in 24 after 2003 years. The duo, which had been matched to each other for many years, also attracted great attention with this film.

In 2005, he played in the production of Cinema A Miracle, directed by Memduh Ün and Tunç Başaran, starring with Fatma Girik.

Inanir, who is also effective in the content of the films he plays, often portray dignified, devoted and powerful male types. Taking the role in 182 motion pictures and 7 TV series, Inanir's longest running series was Marziye. He hosted a news program named Such Gitmez broadcast on Kanal D between 1995-1996.

Private life

Kadir İnanır, who is also interested in sociology, economy and politics and never married, has a frog collection. Hekimoğlu Türküsü compiled with Ümit Tokcan.

A lawsuit was filed against Kadir Inanir for harassment due to the sms he sent to his wife, Buket Saygi, during the filming of Derman Bey in 2000. Inanir stated that he sent the sms for "motivational" purposes, but in 2003, he sentenced him to six months' imprisonment for "molestation and insult", and this sentence was converted to 6 million 456 thousand liras due to good condition.

In February 2012, İnanır, who had a herniated disc surgery, then had another operation due to a tumor in his lungs.

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