A Joint Declaration will be Made on Sunday at Galata Tower

Galata tower
Galata tower

IMM officials visited the tower after the images reflected on the restoration of the Galata Tower. When the carrier company personnel did not allow entry, Gürkan Akgün, Head of IMM Department of Zoning and Urbanization, met with the General Directorate of Foundations. Interview result; It was decided that the tower would be visited by the officials of both institutions together on Sunday and to inform the public afterwards.

Following the Galata Tower restoration images reflected to the public, Gürkan Akgün, Head of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Menekşe Şakar, Manager of Conservation Implementation and Inspection (KUDEP) and IMM Zoning Manager Ramazan Gülten visited the Tower.


Stating that the images reflected to the public cause disappointment in people, IMM Director of Reconstruction Ramazan Gülten said that they visited to see the reason for the images. Gülten stated that they prepared a report after the company was not allowed to enter; Legal Counsel Eren Sönmez stated that they had a second meeting with the participation of the Head of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization, Gürkan Akgün.


Emphasizing that the Galata Tower is a world heritage site, Head of the Department of Reconstruction and Urbanization Gürkan Akgün said that he met with the General Directorate of Foundations and promised to visit the Tower together on Sunday, August 16 and inform the public afterwards. Reminding that they have stated their sensitivity on this matter before, Akgün said, “Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu He also stated to the public that since the Galata Tower is a world heritage site, we need to work in cooperation and our sensitivity on this issue.”

In this direction, Akgün said that they wanted to observe the restoration work on the Galata Tower with the KUDEP officials, the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Department of Zoning and Urbanization and other relevant experts, and continued as follows: “Unfortunately, we could not go inside today. Galata Tower is an important world heritage, our sensitivity is great both legally and as a citizen of Istanbul and a public official. We want things done right here and together. IMM, the General Directorate of Foundations, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, this structure is the most accurate way to the history of humanity. kazanWe want to climb.”

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