Two New Living Spaces for İzmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will bring two new parks to Menemen İstiklal Mahallesi and Çiğli Esentepe Neighborhood that will appeal to both sports fans and children. Mayor Soyer, who examined the production works of the park in Menemen İstiklal District, emphasized that they increased the number of places in the city where citizens can embrace the green and play games and that both parks will be put into service in October.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is implementing new park projects within the framework of projects aimed at increasing the quality of life of citizens. With an investment of approximately 5 million lira in Menemen İstiklal Neighborhood and Çiğli Esentepe Mahallesi, two new living spaces are provided where the people of the region can enjoy the green space and relax, children can have a pleasant time in the playgrounds and sports fans can do sports. Mayor Soyer, who examined the manufacturing activities in Menemen İstiklal Mahallesi Park within the scope of the Menemen program, gave the good news that both parks will be put into service in October. Mayor Soyer stated that they attach importance to the arrangements of parks and recreation areas in order to provide places where citizens can have fun, play sports and relax in green areas.

Peace and fun together

One thousand 3 square meters of Menemen İstiklal Mahallesi Park, whose manufacturing works are continuing in an area of ​​300 thousand 500 square meters, is reserved for green areas. Izmir mimosa, rosemary, mulberry, eastern sycamore, red-leaved ornamental plum and shrub species will be planted in green areas. The park has a basketball court for those who love to do sports, benches for those who want to relax, a children's playground and a 250 square meter square. 13 thousand square meters of the park next to the Evka-200 Junction, which is under construction in an area of ​​5 thousand 8 square meters in Çiğli Esentepe District, is reserved for green areas. Approximately five thousand square meters of the area was reserved as grass area. 235 trees and 5 bushes will be planted in the remaining part. Inside the park, there is a playground, walking paths and a 500 square meter football field.



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