Ships in Izmir 5 Kurus for Cyclists

Ships in Izmir 5 Kurus for Cyclists
Ships in Izmir 5 Kurus for Cyclists

From September 1, cyclists will be able to benefit from sea transportation by paying only 5 kurus in Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has decided to initiate the application, which covers the inner gulf voyages of İZDENİZ, in line with the goal of minimizing the motor vehicle traffic in the city.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made a historical decision in line with Mayor Tunç Soyer's vision of bicycle and pedestrian transportation. In line with the strategy of minimizing the urban motor vehicle traffic, the ships traveling in the inner bay will serve cyclists for 5 kurus. In line with the decision taken by the İZDENİZ Board of Directors, pre-operating flights with passengers will start from 1 September.

Tarpaulin service in rainy weather

The İZDENİZ management has also increased the bicycle mooring capacity on the ships in order to better serve cyclists. A total of 195 bicycle parking spaces were prepared for car ferries and 51 for catamarans. Depending on the intensity of use, capacity will be further increased in the future in ferryboats. Canvas service will also be provided to all cyclists in rainy weather.

The goal is to encourage cycling

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that they focused on projects aimed at improving public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle transportation infrastructure in order to decrease the use of motor vehicles, and said, “In this context, we are carrying out intensive studies to strengthen urban cycling routes and infrastructure, to increase rural bicycle routes and to create a bicycle culture in our city. . We aim to spread environmentally friendly, safe and healthy transportation options such as public transportation and bicycle by reducing the use of individual vehicles in İzmir. Our main purpose is; to encourage safe, healthy, environmentally friendly and accessible transportation with high energy efficiency, ”he said.

The goal is pedal transportation to everywhere

BİSİM's bicycle rental system of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality; Noting that he played a very important role in the formation and spread of the bicycle culture in the city, Soyer continued: “Today we have 45 bicycle stations, 850 parking points and 600 single bicycles. BİSİM has made approximately 2.3 million leases since its inception. With the 70 tandem bicycles we recently put into service, we offered the pleasure of cycling to the visually impaired and couples. We want cyclists to be able to reach every part of the city by using the public transportation network when necessary. In this context, we are increasing the number of our buses with bicycle carrying apparatus. Bicycle users can take the subway and tram. The fact that our ships that travel in the Gulf start to serve cyclists for 5 kurus, I believe that the use of bicycles will increase even more; will carry the rapidly growing cycling culture and awareness further. "


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