Istanbul Airport Receives 'Airport Health Accreditation' Certificate

istanbul airport received the airport health accreditation certificate
istanbul airport received the airport health accreditation certificate

Drawing attention with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level passenger experience as well as the health measures taken during the Covid-19 outbreak, Istanbul Airport has received the "Airport Health Accreditation" (Airport Health Accreditation), which was initiated by the International Airports Council (ACI) on July 24, 2020. Accrediation) program, it became the first airport in the world to receive the certificate.

Istanbul Airport, which first signed the 'Airport Pandemic Certificate' issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation with the strict health measures taken after the Covid-19 epidemic, and then the "Covid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol" published by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), It registered the measures taken by taking another international certificate. Istanbul Airport, which received the "Airport Health Accreditation" certificate issued by the Airports Council International (ACI), became the first airport in the world to receive this certificate.

Airport Health Accreditation includes important measures ...

Istanbul Airport, which frequently updates its hygiene measures with the Covid-19 epidemic, has strengthened its place among the most hygienic airports in Turkey and the world, with the certificate issued by the International Airports Council (ACI). Right to receive the "Airport Health Accreditation" certificate by meeting all the conditions. kazanAn Istanbul Airport has also passed important inspections. Within the scope of the evaluation, measures taken in areas where passengers are dense such as cleaning, disinfection, social distance, protection of personnel, passenger communication, access to the terminal, security screening, waiting areas, bridges, escalators, elevators, baggage claim were evaluated.

The certificate, which proves that measurable priority is given to passengers, personnel, health and safety at airports, has also proven that Istanbul Airport is successful in Covid-19 measures.

We will never compromise on hygiene standards ...

Making a statement regarding Istanbul Airport's obtaining the "Airport Health Accreditation" certificate, İGA Airport Operations Chairman and General Manager Samsunlu said, “Aviation is an important sector that has international rules and constantly improves itself to bring the passenger experience to the highest level. We continue our efforts to offer our passengers a 'safe travel that keeps the hygiene at the highest level' in the new normal period. As part of this process, we first received the Airport Pandemic Certificate issued by our General Directorate of Civil Aviation. Right after, we signed the 'Kovid-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol' published by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The measures we took with this protocol, which was signed by Istanbul Airport for the first time in Turkey, were also registered by the most important institutions of aviation. Finally, it is entitled to receive the 'Airport Health Accreditation Certificate' issued by Airports Council International (ACI). kazanWe are now the first airport in the world. Aviation is a very resilient industry, we must take measures to withstand the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and enforce strict health and safety standards at our facilities and operations. It is extremely important for us to pass the inspection of such a powerful institution and be deemed worthy of being the first airport to be accredited with the Airport Health Accreditation certificate. The fact that Istanbul Airport has international certificates in terms of health is proof that ensuring the health and safety of our passengers and employees is always our first priority. The 'Airport Health Accreditation Certificate' should certainly be seen by all airport operators as proof that we are more prepared to build passenger trust. Considering that Istanbul Airport is the transfer center of the world, obtaining the 'Airport Health Accreditation' certificate is also proof that our measures are at international standards. I especially want to emphasize that; We will never compromise on the hygiene standards achieved at Istanbul Airport.” he said.

"This accreditation is proof that Istanbul Airport accepts health as its focal point ..."

“I am impressed by the industry's success in rapidly adapting to new realities and implementing new protocols based on consistent procedures globally,” said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director-General of Airports Council International (ACI); “We congratulate Istanbul Airport for being the first airport to be accredited within the scope of our newly implemented Airport Health Accreditation program. This accreditation is proof of Istanbul Airport's focus on passenger, personnel and public health. This is where our industry steps into the resumption phase of operations and subsequently provides passengers and employees with globally recognized high standards of health and hygiene – which reassures people of air travel. kazan“This will be critical at this time as it prepares to resume ongoing operations.” used the phrases.

Airports Council International (ACI) Europe General Director Olivier Jankovec spoke as follows; “The recovery process after this unprecedented crisis required the rapid and comprehensive implementation of global standards developed jointly by the competent authorities in the entire aviation system. As ACI, we have collaborated with ICAO, EASA and ECDC to help prepare a plan for the safe continuation of airport operations in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. This plan, which is the basis for the preparation of a healthy passenger experience guide at airports developed by ACI Europe, was completed with the implementation of the new Airport Health Accreditation program. I would like to proudly state that the first airport to receive this accreditation was a European airport - which undoubtedly reveals that the approach of putting passengers with health concerns at the center of attention has been enthusiastically adopted by the airports in our region. Congratulations to all Istanbul Airport team! ”

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