Career Support for Children Under Protection from İŞKUR

Career support for children under protection
Career support for children under protection

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zumrut Selcuk, "Turkey Business Association (TEO) and Children's Services Directorate General as support for career planning our children ages 13-18 that are under protection in co-operation will prepare them for the future." said.

Minister Selçuk said that they are carrying out studies for children between the ages of 13 and 18 in child care institutions to have jobs and professions and to make their career plans at institutional level. Selçuk noted that they will prepare the children for the future in cooperation with İŞKUR and the General Directorate of Child Services. and by providing on-site support to these organizations at periodic intervals, children will be directed to the course suitable for their interests and abilities, and they will be provided with consultancy services. In this way, every child under state protection will have a Job and Vocational Counselor. ” used the expression.

"Job and Vocational Counselors Will Follow 2 thousand 899 Children"

Minister Selçuk stated that they plan to provide counseling services with a total of 13 Job and Vocational Counselors to 18 children between the ages of 2-899 in all provinces where ÇODEMs and ÇES are located and stated that they started working in this manner as of July. Pointing out that children will take more robust steps into the future with the right direction, Selçuk said:

“Our children under protection; Supporting and developing professional interests, abilities and skills are among the topics that we focus on sensitively. It is among our goals to improve the professional skills of children who are under protection but do not attend formal education for various reasons, to make career planning effectively, and to open vocational courses for their interests and skills. We will follow these children closely with the technical infrastructure works we have created to ensure that our protected children follow in the guidance process. "

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