Historic Tophane Clock Tower Retrieves Its Old Glory

historical armory clock tower regains its former glory
historical armory clock tower regains its former glory

Built in 1905 from 'cut stone' in Bursa, the 33-meter-high, 6-storey historical Tophane Clock Tower regains its former glory with the works initiated by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The clock mechanism, which will be placed next to the historical Clock Tower, where the works will end at the end of the month, will also give visitors a visual feast.

"Gets its old look"

Tophane Clock Tower, which was first built in 1876 during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz, in the park located near Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi tombs in Tophane district in the center of Bursa, took its current form during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid. There is a rectangular window on the façade of each floor while you can climb the 33-storey tower, 6 meters high, which was rebuilt from cut stone, by wooden stairs. The Clock Tower, which was registered in 1986 with the decision of the Preservation Board, is in its current appearance in the registration receipt created on that date, and it is seen that the top floor is metal plated. On June 18, 1987, the monumental building was included in the ownership of the Metropolitan Municipality and the deterioration in the iron structure and sheet material was repaired in the simple repair performed in 2004. The survey restoration and restitution projects prepared for the clock tower were accepted by the Bursa Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board in 2017. Within the scope of the works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2019, the processes of cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces, removing the joints and rebuilding them have been completed.

"End of the month studies"

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who examined the works carried out in Tophane Clock Tower together with Hayrettin Akpınar, the President of the All Watchmaking Businessmen Association (Tüsad) and the Chairman of the Board of Pırlant Saatcilik, received information about the works. Mayor Aktaş exchanged ideas about the 2-meter clock mechanism, which is planned to be placed on the side of the Clock Tower, and said that there are many Ottoman works in Bursa, the city of history and culture. Thanking Tüsad President Hayrettin Akpınar for his interest and support, Mayor Aktaş announced that the restoration at Tophane Clock Tower will be completed by the end of the month. Stating that they also determined the work prepared in order to better display the special clock mechanism, President Aktaş said, “The Clock Tower, which was first built in the era of Abdülaziz, gained its current form during the reign of Abdülhamit. It was built as masonry in the 1800s and collapsed, unable to withstand the violence of the southwest. There are studies carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality since 2019. In addition to the completed improvements, the damaged woods were repaired. Unusable ones have been changed. Wooden windows were sanded and painted. All kinds of steel elements were anti-rust and painted. Replaced, plastered and painted with a final composite wall covered with sandwich panels. Work will be completed by the end of this month, ”he said.

"Clock mechanism will be exhibited"

Stating that the clock is prepared from one side, right next to the Clock Tower, the clock mechanism will be watched with envy by everyone, Mayor Aktaş said, “The clock mechanism prepared will be exhibited in the glass section. Everyone who comes will have the opportunity to see the mechanism, ”he said.

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