Fethi Sekin Ferryboat Started Service

conquest ferryboat started service
conquest ferryboat started service

The ferryboat, named after the martyred police officer Fethi Sekin, started its gulf voyages. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ General Directorate officials welcomed the first passengers of the ship with flowers.

The ferryboat named after the martyred police officer Fethi Sekin, which was included in the İZDENİZ fleet by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was put into service. İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Ufuk Tutan, İZDENİZ General Manager İlyas Murtezaoğlu and Deputy General Manager Fethi Sekin presented flowers and plaques to Şerife Aysel İrtem, the first passenger on the ship, and Ali Hikmet Karaiz, the first passenger on board.

İZDENİZ Chairman of the Board of Directors Ufuk Tutan, who said that they continue to work on the effective use of İzmir Bay in public transportation, said, “Sea transportation is both enjoyable and comfortable and saves time. kazanyelling. We have a busy schedule in the inner gulf, especially in the morning and evening hours, which coincide with the start and end of the shift. Our summer special Foça, Mordoğan and Urla flights continue. One of our new car ferries will be put into service soon. We have a 'bay taxi' project, which we plan to sail more frequently with smaller boats during the day. With the rental of Levent Marina, we will have other surprises for the people of Izmir. We work for all of them. We will bring the people of Izmir together with the sea much more," he said.

Ferry properties

"Fethi Sekin" became the fourth ferry to be included in the İZDENİZ fleet. The ferry, built in Istanbul Tuzla Shipyard, is 73 thousand 98 meters long and 15,21 meters wide. It can carry 51 vehicles, 12 bicycles and 10 motorcycles. It has a total capacity of 194 passengers, 128 in the closed passenger hall and 322 in the open passenger hall. Two disabled elevators providing access between the vehicle deck and the passenger deck on the sancak and pier sides, wide windows offering a view of the bay in the closed passenger hall, TV broadcasts, wireless internet and telephone There are sockets for computer charging, and two independent pet cages on the deck. On board, there is a baby care room, two men, two women and a disabled toilet, embossed warning and direction signs for visually impaired passengers, special parking spaces for disabled passengers, wheelchair parking spaces in the closed passenger hall and a playground for children aged 2-5. also available.

It also has a library

Passengers will be able to borrow two books for a period of 21 days in the library established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Libraries Branch Directorate. Readers will be able to leave the books they bought from the ferry on the ferry or in the book box at the pier 21 days later. There are 500 books in the library on the Fethi Sekin Arabian Ferry.

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