Who is Ferdi Tayfur?

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Ferdi Tayfur or born as Ferdi Tayfur Turanbayburt (born 15 November 1945, Adana), Turkish vocalist, composer, songwriter and film actor. The artist, who won a total of nine Golden Record Awards, is famous for his own songs that have also appeared in motion pictures. Having made more than 30 albums and more than 30 films in 1982, he founded Ferdifon Plakçılık in 2009 and entered the construction sector in XNUMX.


The artist, who was born in Adana, named the dubbing artist Ferdi Tayfur's admirer father Cumali Bey, and Cumali Bey, who was fond of his son's education, was murdered at the pavilion, and the artist lived a poor and tragic life, that his mother got married after the death of his father. He said that he wanted but could not do it because of possibilities. The artist, who was an apprentice in the candy store that his stepfather found in his childhood, said that he learned to read in business life. Later, Tayfur, who contributed to the livelihood of his family by working on the farm, sings at weddings in the same years, sees Adana Radio's music contest advertisement in the local newspaper and participates in the contest. However, he fails to win the first place and comes second, against the obstacles of his stepfather, he comes to Istanbul, finds a job at the Lunapark Casino and starts playing for Nurten İnnap. Later, he fills his first record named Leyla and earns 500 lira from this record.

Ferdi Tayfur made a two-record deal with Seda Plak in 1968, but did not receive the expected attention. Subsequently, he returned to Adana and took over the work in the farm, on the other hand, he continued his music studies and after three years, his plaque titled Huzurum Not Left is published. In 1973, he made a breakthrough with the 45-piece called Wild Flowers, which he made for Görsev Plak. Again in 1974, he made his name with the 45 'Tell Me the Truths. In 1975, he transferred to Elenor Plak. He first made a name for himself with the song called Drop You Gurbeti and then Çeşme.

Music career

Tayfur's first record, who married Zeliha Hanım in a modest ceremony in 1974, during the years he progressed in his music career by composing, made a good sale, but due to financial difficulties, two songs composed by the artist, Atilla Alpsakarya, were sold to Gülden Karaböcek. The artist, whose records were released one after the other, caught his real breakthrough with the song “Çeşme”, and in 1977 his first motion picture starring Necla Nazır with the same name was released. 12 million people watched the movie.

He gave concerts as well as tapes. 1993 people attended the concert he gave in Gülhane Park in 200.000.

Private life

She has two children from her first marriage with Zeliha Hanım, and a daughter of a voice artist (Tuğçe Tayfur) from Necla Nazır, a film actress whom she divorced in 30, when she lived together for nearly 2007 years. The artist, who married Zeliha Hanım again in 2010, has a child named Ferdi Taha.


Year Album Company Notes
1968 Leyla / You Killed Me With Your Love Seda Records
Sweet Gypsy / in Adana Dam
1969 Wish Gate / This Black Love Will Kill Me Saya Plate
Angels Smile to Face / They don't ask what is wrong Fate Plaque
You Are My World Ahret Brother / I Don't Know Crazy Gönül
Alas / You Have A Fire In My Heart (bitch) Sayan Record Adana Individual
1970 You are my destiny / I waited too long You did not come Zeren Plak
1971 He stuck to my soul, a black love / may Allah be my witness Fate Plaque
Where are you my Sultan / My reason was Nazlı Yar Serenad Record
I Said You Are My Destiny / Postmen Görsev Record
Prisoners' Prayer / Judgment Day
1972 Stop Listen Darling / Wildflowers
I have a wound in my heart / tell me the truth
1973 What Did I Know / Don't Fall Down
1974 Evening Sun / Let Flowers Bloom Elenor Music
Leave This Excursion / Lovers Understand Me
1975 Çeşme / Don't Need Me
I got used to it / my rain tear
Yadeller - If I Don't Cry I Can't Sleep
1976 Those who love like me / there is no word in my heart
Give Up Fate / Tramp
1977 I have no peace
Don't worry you / I promise
1978 Setting Sun
1979 Prison (Day of Vision) / Heart Game
Last Morning
1980 Birds Without Nest
1981 Human Joy
April Rain
1982 I missed you too Odebs Record
1983 Are you too Leyla?
1984 Burned Me Down
1985 I survived Ferdifon Music
Selections from Ferdifon 1
1986 Became Haram
Selections from Ferdifon 2
1987 I Have a Feeling - You Are Mine Or Soil (album)
Selections from Ferdifon 3
1988 Do Not Naz - I'll Die
1989 God You Know (album)
Selections from Ferdifon 4
From Gülhane With Love Concert album
1990 bye
1991 Selections from Ferdifon 5
If You Come - Tell Me Too
1992 Shackles
1994 Purple Roses - Fadime's Wedding
1995 World "Pick a Song for Yourself"
1996 Timeline Archive 1 Compilation album
1997 Of Mountains
1998 Ferdi Tayfur Classics Archive 2 Compilation album
1999 Lack - Blind Fortune
If i get rich
2001 Timeline Archive 3 Compilation album
2002 Thinly
2003 Stop my feet
My heart burned Maxi Single
2004 Selections from Ferdifon 6
A Bunch Of Roses
2006 The Punishment of Love
2007 Songs of My Youth
2009 My neck bent songs Compilation album


  • 1975 1st Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (Leave This Excursion - Lovers Understand Me)
  • 1975 2nd Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (Çeşme - With The Record Of Don't Need Me)
  • 1975 3rd Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (My Rain Tears - With The Plaque)
  • 1975 4th Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (With Yadeller - If I Don't Cry I Can't Sleep With The Record)
  • 1976 5th Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (Trapped - With the Plaque of Fate)
  • 1976 6th Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (Those Who Love Like Me - There Is No Word In My Heart)
  • 1978 7th Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (Don't Worry - With The Promise Record)
  • 1979 8th Golden Label Award Elenor Plak. (Prison Sight Day - With Hearts Play Record)
  • 1980 9th Golden Label Award (With Insan Sevince Long Record - İnsan Sevince, it is also the first Turkish Artist album published in Russia, in the Soviet Union.)
  • 1992 MÜYAP 1991 Best Album Seller Award in Arabesque.
  • 1993 Gülhane Concerts Award (Awarded by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of the time due to the Highest Number of Audience for a Area (Approximately 200.000 people).)
  • 1994 Best Arabesque Man (Fadime's Wedding)
  • 1995 Nature Warriors Environmental Award given by Environmental Organization
  • 1995 IFA Istanbul FM Gold Award
  • 1994 Kings tvtürki Video Music Awards 1 Best Fantasy Arabesque Music artist award (Fadime's wedding with song)
  • 1995 Kings tvtürki 2 Video Music Award for Best Fantasy Arabesque Music Artist award (the Mud Rain Song)
  • 1999. King tvtürki 6 Video Music Awards Best Fantasy Arabesque Music artist award (with vintage song)
  • 1999 Magazine Journalists Association Honor Award
  • 2001 Magazine Journalists Association Best Arabesque Artist of the Year Award
  • 2004 Meltem TV Artist of the Year Award
  • 2004 Plaque of gratitude given by Bitlis Governor M. Asım Hacımustafaoğlu and Bitlis Mayor Cevdet Özdemir
  • 2005 İhlas Marmara College Best Music Artist of the Year Award
  • 2005 Magazine Journalists Association Best Arabesque Artist of the Year Award
  • 2007 Political Magazine Art Honor Award
  • 2008 14th King tvtürki Video Music Award for Best Artist award TSM (You are the owner of my heart Song)
  • 2008 Aydoğdu MÇF 2008 Social Responsibility Award.
  • 2009 Political Magazine Lifetime Art Honorary Award
  • 2009 Radio 15 Art Honor Award
  • 2011 Political Magazine Honorary Award of the Year
  • 2013 19.King TV1. Turkey Music Awards Lifetime Honorary Award
  • 2014 Akdeniz TV Lifetime Achievement and Honorary Award
  • 2014 21st Adana Golden Boll Award
  • 2015 15th Year Internet Media Best of the Year Awards Lifetime Profession Honorary Award


Year Movie Role Player Director Eser Scenario Notes
2016 "Hard life"  No Yes Yes Yes Motion picture
2008 Officer Muzaffer Victorious Happy Yes TV series
2007 Out of place emrullah Yes TV series
Natuk Baytan Documentary Itself Yes
I'm Ferdi Tayfur Ferdi Tayfur Yes
2000 My life is a novel Itself Yes TV series
2002 Rating Hamdi Gravedigger Yes TV series
1989 God You Know Ferdi Yes
At Night In This City Ferdi Yes
1988 I will hurt this fortune Ferdi Yes Yes Yes
Farewell Happiness Ferdi Yes
Oh If I Was a Child Ferdi Yes
1987 Yours Are Like Flowers Ferdi Yes Yes
You are mine or your land Ferdi Yes Yes
I Have a Feeling Ferdi Yes Yes Yes
forgive me my god Ferdi Yes Yes Yes Yes
1985 My everything is you Ferdi Yes
Became Haram Ferdi Yes Yes Yes
1984 I'm ashamed Ferdi Yes
Crazy Desires Ferdi Yes
1983 Burned Me Down Cumali Cakiroglu Yes
The pain in my heart Ferdi Yes
The stars also slide Ferdi Yes
1982 You too Leyla (movie) Ferdi Yes
The Pain of Longing Ferdi Yes
Don't tempt Ferdi Yes
1981 Black Expatriate Ferdi Yes
I Miss You Too (movie) Ferdi Yes
You Wouldn't Be (movie) Ferdi Yes
A Drop of Fire Ferdi Yes
1980 Stop the World (movie) Ferdi Yes
I have no peace Ferdi Yes Yes
Bent neck Ferdi Yes
1979 Human Joy Ferdi Yes Yes
Birds Without Nest Ferdi Yes
1978 Last Morning Ferdi Yes
Setting Sun Ferdi Yes
yadeller Ferdi Yes
1977 Love Like Me Ferdi Yes Yes
Tramping Ferdi Yes
1976 Fountain Ferdi Yes

Television programs 

Year Program Role Channel Notes
1993 Yetis Emmioğlu Server Show tv
2009 Choirs Collide Contestant Show tv He directed the Adana Choir.
Bent Neck Songs Server Channel 7

Television commercials he acted 

  • Mobile Advertising (1993)
  • Filli Boya Commercial (2000)
  • Namlı Olive Advertisement (2007)
  • Borvo Thermal Advertising (2015)


  • Candy Apprentice (novel, 2003)
  • Rain Durunca (novel, 2008)
  • Once Upon a Time (novel, 2013)
  • Boy on the Parachute (novel, 2014)

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