Overpass Collapsed, Road Closed in Eyüpsultan

Eyupsultanda over the pass is over
Eyupsultanda over the pass is over

The overpass in front of the Hasdal Barracks in Istanbul's Eyüpsultan district collapsed with a loud noise for an unknown reason. While there were no deaths or injuries in the incident, kilometers of vehicle queues were formed.

In the statement made by the governorship of Istanbul: “Today at around 08.30:020, the pedestrian overpass on the DXNUMX Highway in front of the Eyüpsultan District Hasdal Barracks collapsed for an unknown reason.

Necessary safety precautions have been taken around the collapsed pedestrian temporary environment, and the Alibeyköy direction of the road has been closed to traffic.

Due to the debris removal works to be carried out, transportation is directed from Kemerburgaz Junction to Maslak-Ayazağa direction.

We do not have any injuries or deaths due to the incident.

The investigation has started on the subject. ”



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