ESTRAM Started Rail Grinding Works in Kocaeli

estram started rail grinding works in Kocaeli
estram started rail grinding works in Kocaeli

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality carries out the protective grinding maintenance of the trams, which are used extensively in public transportation in Kocaeli, with a total length of 21 thousand 200 meters.

ESTRAM started the maintenance and repair work of the worn-out rails of the trams, which are the most preferred public transportation vehicle in Kocaeli. The work carried out with great care by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Administration (ESTRAM) will take 20 days. ESTRAM teams stated that after the work, noise and vibration grievances of the tram driver and passengers will be reduced, superficial fluctuations will be eliminated, energy savings will be achieved, infrastructure maintenance costs will be reduced and tire wear will be eliminated. Maintenance work carried out by ESTRAM engineers is carried out every day between 01.00-05.00 with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality vehicles.

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