What is Estram Expansion? When was Estram founded?

What is estram emergency? When was estram founded?
What is estram emergency? When was estram founded?

The Eskişehir Tram Line is a transportation network in Eskişehir, consisting of 7 lines and a total of 61 stops connecting the two universities of the city. Total line length is 45 km and it was built on turnkey basis by Yapı Merkezi.

Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry company Estram (Eskişehir Tramway Project) won the 2004 World Rail System Award given by UITP (International Public Transport Association). The project that brought the Estram project, which was built by Yapı Merkezi and its Canadian partner Bombardier to the first place in the world in 24 months, was urban sustainable development planning, rail system solution in sustainable transportation, system design, applied high technology and environmental quality management. Estram was certified with TS-EN ISO 28: 2007 on June 9001, 2000.

Estram lines

  • Otogar-SSK
  • Osmangazi University-SSK
  • Bus Station-Osmangazi University
  • Osmangazi University-Çankaya Ring Line
  • SSK-Batıkent Ring Line
  • SSK-Çamlıca Ring Line
  • City Hospital-Opera

Change line

Passengers who will take the tram from the bus station direction to the SSK direction and go to Osmangazi University or the Opera direction must get off at the Çarşı station on Iki Eylül Avenue, take the tram to Osmangazi University or Opera direction.

Passengers arriving by tram from Osmangazi University and going to Otogar direction should get off at the Çarşı station in the same way and take the tram to Otogar direction.

Passengers coming from Opera direction and going to SSK or Otogar direction must get off at Çarşı station and take the tram to the Bus Station.

In one hour, while transferring from tram to tram or from tram to bus, Eskart or Esbilet can be read again and free pass is possible.


  • Contract start date (NTP) → July 11, 2002
  • Starting excavation (Downtown area) → August 15, 2002
  • Adding the Opera Arm → August 15, 2003
  • First vehicle arrives in Eskişehir → 10 December 2003
  • Completion of the project → 27 June 2004
  • Expedition starts → 24 December 2004  
  • Stage 2 Emek / 71 Evler - Opera expeditions → 18 March 2014
  • 3rd Stage City Hospital-Opera flights start → 10 March 2019

Technical information 

  • Vehicle Energy Supply: Overhead Line DC 750 V
  • Overhead line height: 5,90 m
  • Overhead line security height: 4,40 m
  • Line Length: 15.727 m

Tram set 

  • The tram car has four times longer braking distance than rubber wheeled vehicles.
  • Tool name: Flexity Outlook
  • Length: 29,5 m
  • Weight (empty): 35.800 kg
  • Width: 2,3 m
  • Vehicle height: 3,5 m
  • Engine power: 105 kw four engine
  • Maximum Speed ​​of the Vehicle: 70 km
  • Number of wagons served: 5  

Additional information 

  • The transfer is valid for transportation from rubber wheels to iron wheels.
  • Transfer from the bazaar stop is free for 2 directions (towards İsmet İnönü / Yıldız-Stadium / Municipality directions).

Planned Lines 

In addition to the Estram lines, the feasibility reports and survey projects of the new lines including Batıkent, Çamlıca, Yenikent, Çankaya, Ihlamurkent, Emek and 71 Houses were sent to the State Planning Organization to be included in the 2008 program and the construction started. The construction of the rails started in 2012.

  • On 18.03.2014, flights started on Emek / 71 Evler - Opera line.
  • On 08.08.2014, flights started on Çamlıca - SSK and Batıkent-SSK lines.
  • On 10.03.2019, flights started on the City Hospital-Opera line.

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