Titles of Former TÜDEMSAŞ Managers Announced!

The titles of former tudemsas managers have been announced
The titles of former tudemsas managers have been announced

For TÜRASAŞ, which was newly created with the Official Gazette No. 8 dated 2020 July 31179; 3 Regional Directorates, 6 Regional Deputy Managers and 20 Chief Expert Staff were created. In Sivas, former TÜDEMSAŞ employees and top managers were not sleeping to come to these positions.

According to the information obtained from Ankara today, General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu, Deputy General Managers Mahmut Demir, Mustafa Yurtseven and Halil Şener, Deputy General Managers Atanur Karadağ and Bidat Karakurt were appointed as inspectors and all the remaining Department Heads were appointed as the Chief Expert.

Now, while eyes are turned to who will be appointed to the Regional Directorate after these cadres formed in Sivas, it is stated that no former TÜDEMSAŞ managers will be appointed to this position.

With the new assignments, it was also stated that there will be a monthly loss of approximately XNUMX lira in the salaries of the former top managers during the year.

In addition, it was learned that this information we obtained from Ankara will be officially reflected in the system in the next minutes and notified to the relevant people.


In addition, according to the information obtained, it is stated that Bilal Nailci, who has been working at TÜDEMSAŞ for many years and is currently working as Deputy General Manager in Ankara TCDD General Directorate, can be appointed as Regional Manager.

Transportation Inc. Nailçı, whose name has been spoken within the General Directorate and whose news we published yesterday, is interpreted by his close circle as “if Sivas is a sub-task, he would prefer TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorate” if he needs to choose any of the two positions.

Source: Great Sivas



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