Erciyes is Developing with New Investments

Erciyes is Developing with New Investments
Erciyes is Developing with New Investments

The Xperia Mountain Resort Erciyes Ski, Sport & Spa Hotel, which will be built in Erciyes and will have the highest bed capacity in Kayseri, was given a “Tourism Investment Certificate” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Erciyes investments in tourism, which has become the flagship of winter tourism in Turkey continues. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism also provides great support to entrepreneurs investing in Kayseri Erciyes, a Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Zone. Erciyes, which has become a winter sports and tourism center at international standards, offers alternative tourism potential such as cycling, athletics, wrestling, marathon, volleyball, football high-altitude training camp for sports and nature tourism in summer as well as snow sports in winter with its special location and strong infrastructure.

The 5-Star Hotel to be built by the Xperia Hotels chain in Antalya, in the Erciyes Develi Kapı area, will host its guests with 22 rooms and 275 beds in an area of ​​550 thousand square meters. Tourism Investment Certificate given to Xperia Mountain Resort Erciyes Ski, Sport & Spa Hotel by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Kayseri Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Dr. Şükrü DURSUN and Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. It was presented by Murat Cahid CINGI to Serhat KAYIS, Chairman of Xperia Hotels.

Making a statement on the subject, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Dr. Şükrü DURSUN said, “As Erciyes is very close to the city center, the investments made will not only serve winter tourism but also contribute to the whole of our city. As is known, Xperia Hotels also have hotels in Alanya. We are delighted that a hotel chain from Alanya has invested in our city. When the hotel is completed, it will be Kayseri's accommodation facility with the highest bed capacity. Since Erciyes is a Culture and Tourism Protection and Development Area and a Tourism Center, entrepreneurs investing in Erciyes are given incentives by our Ministry. On this occasion, we invite all investors to our region ”.

Erciyes Inc. Direction. Exchange rate. Head. Dr. Murat Cahid CINGI said, “Erciyes has become the most important winter tourism destination in our country. In addition to winter tourism, we continue our efforts to continue tourism in other seasons of the year. Our mountain is now known all over the world. Mount Erciyes, Turkey's coming over next lover's native country skiing, winter season every week for direct charter flights to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, foreign tourists from Poland and the world's various countries welcomes intensively. Our hotels in Erciyes are insufficient to meet the demands of our guests. Our hotel investors also saw the potential in Erciyes and started investing. Currently, many hotels are under construction on Erciyes Mountain. Xperia Hotels is one of them. This project is carried out in accordance with the nature and structure of Erciyes. It will be a hotel that suits our mountain and adds value. Here, I would like to thank all our institutions and investors who contributed to Erciyes ”.

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