Industrial Tandem Water Softening Systems


Water softening devices; They do the job of removing Ca and Mg ions from water, which are harmful in industrial or domestic use, to soften the water and remove lime. When the hardness ions in the water are removed from the water, the limestone-forming quality of the water in this respect is eliminated. Mayer water softening devices are produced in accordance with the conditions of industrial areas with their long service life and high technology components.

How to understand the hardness of water?

Limestone formed at the points where the water comes into contact and especially when it gets hot is an indicator that there is lime in the water. In addition, you can easily find out the hardness of your water thanks to the MAYER WATER HARDNESS MEASUREMENT KIT. Professional support is taken from expert laboratories.

30 fr and above Very Chalky
15-30 fr Limy
5-15 fr Medium Chalky
0-5 fr Very soft

Learning the following information while designing the water softener device ensures that the result is perfect.

  1. Water hardness and other analyzes,
  2. Daily and instant water flow,
  3. The size of the installation,
  4. Installation pressure,
  5. Warehouse and booster infrastructure,
  6. The purpose of use of water,

Water softening device Its operation works on the principle of ion exchange principle. The purpose here is to capture Ca and Mg ions of the resin previously loaded with Na ions. How much lime will be loaded on the device must have been calculated by the designer. Thus, when the capacity of the device is full, the regeneration phase can be started. While calculating the resin amount, water hardness and water amount should be considered. Water without sediment and other impurities enters the device with pressure from the entry point. Thanks to the diffusers, the water that touches the surface and the resin loses its hardness and is given to the plant from the exit point of the device. The resin column whose capacity is full, cleans itself with the regeneration solution (NaCl) prepared previously. The wastewater generated during cleaning is properly removed. This process is completely automatic. The operator is only responsible for completing the sodium chloride in the regeneration tank. The water softening device consists of 5 main components, with some equipment coming together and completing the circuit. These are respectively;

  1. Resin Column
  2. Automation
  3. Resin Raw Material
  4. Diffuser / Distribution System
  5. It is a Regeneration Tank.

The components that make up the system should be selected in accordance with both their own capacities and other components.

Superior Features of MAYER Water Softening Devices;

  1. Ability to soften to zero hardness,
  2. Adjusting the hardness ratio,
  3. Tandem / twin resin column option,
  4. Continuous water production option,
  5. Automatic salt tank filling,
  6. Superior diffuser group,
  7. Salt container safety
  8. Pressure safeties
  9. Design suitable for needs,
  10. The least waste to the environment,
  11. Low operating cost,
  12. Easy start and stop,
  13. Update option,
  14. Silent and odorless work,
  15. Safe operation
Chemistry, Cosmetics, Paint Direct Product Formula, Boiler Washing 15-30-50-200 m3/gün
Glass Industry In Laminated, Washing, Grinding Lines 5-10-20-100 m3/gün
Metal Industry In rinsing, processing, coating lines, foundries, 20-50-100-300 m3/gün
Medical And Pharmaceutical Sector In business, autoclaves 2-5-10-20 m3/gün
In Ceramic-Stone-Soil Products Mud Preparation, Glaze Coating 10-30-100 m3 / day
In Tourism Sector Usage and Drinking Water in Hotels 10-30-100-500 m3/gün
In Food Industry In Product Preparation, Catering, Dishwashers 10-20-50-100 m3/gün
In the Construction Sector In Construction Sites, Projects, Domestic Use 20-50-100 m3 / day
In the Energy Sector Turbines, Cooling Water 50-100-500 m3 / day
Automotive Industry Washing, Coating and Painting Lines 50-100-200 m3 / day
In Textile And Leather Sector Hot Water and Paint Lines, Boilers 20-50-500 m3 / day
Paper Printing Printing Sector In Print Preparation 5-10-20 m3 / day
Heating Cooling Sector Feed Water 10-20-50 m3 / day
Machinery Industry On Water-Powered Machines 5-10-20 m3 / day

Water Softening Methods

There are many methods used for water softening processes. Ion exchange, distillation and reverse osmosis methods are the most known and applied of these. Now we will share some information about these methods.

Ion Exchange Method (Ion Exchange)

It is one of the oldest and most frequently used methods used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water. As the name suggests, it is applied with the principle of exchanging magnesium and calcium ions. There is a tank at the center of the ion exchange water softening systems. This tank contains negatively charged resin and zeolite materials for ions to be exchanged.

Water Softening by Distillation

Distilled, also known as the distillation method, is a water softening method used both in water softening and purification. It is based on the principle of heating water to evaporate and separating it from its heavy molecules. The evaporated water is directed to another tank and re-condensed so that the heavy molecules and ions of the water remain in the main tank, while the soft and purified water begins to accumulate in the other tank. It is frequently preferred due to its cost advantage and success in separating ions.

Water Softening with Reverse Osmosis

For detailed information on reverse osmosis, you can visit our reverse osmosis page.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

The most common method used in water softening is the use of resin. Resin naturally has the ability to absorb calcium and magnesium ions. In this way, the ions that cause hardness in the water are separated from the water.

With Mayer's superior water softening devices, you can get the efficiency you need in water conditioning applications under the most suitable conditions.

Water softening devices You can review our catalog for detailed information and other technical details.

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