Electric Skateboard The Goal Is To Achieve The International Standard

The goal in electric skateboarding is to reach the international standard
The goal in electric skateboarding is to reach the international standard

The directive prepared by IMM to streamline electric skateboard (e-scooter) sharing systems was not accepted at UKOME. Pointing out that such a result was obtained even though the prepared directive was approved by the Ministry, İBB Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan said, “There was no increase in skateboard fees in the directive. The fact that scooters have an identification number is applied in many cities around the world. Aim kazanIt is not three, it is a short way to help or complain in an emergency.”

At the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting held last month, IMM brought up the directive it prepared to put the electric skateboard (e-scooter) rental application, which has become widespread in Istanbul as well as all over the world, into a system. It is aimed to determine the rules in this field, to increase the service quality and to provide a legal infrastructure to the system. kazanThe directive, which aimed to


Stating that some wrong information has been reflected to the public in recent days regarding the regulation, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan said, “With the plate mentioned in the social media and various press organs, it is possible to create a new income source, increase wages, etc. Not all issues reflect reality. The Directive takes into account the sustainable, environmentally friendly and urban mobility-enhancing feature of electric vehicle sharing systems, and this area will become even more important in the future. kazanBased on the awareness that it will work, it has a structure that will pave the way for innovation, employment and R&D studies in the sector. On the other hand, it also includes user safety and the health of the commercial structures of the actors in the sector.

Stating that IMM has examined all similar regulatory works around the world for 3 months, shared the directive draft with initiatives of all sizes operating in the sector, and that contributions are requested from universities and non-governmental organizations and people working in these fields, Cihan said:

“Views were also exchanged with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. At this point, both the feedbacks received were included in the directive and the competence of the work was conveyed to us by the authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. An extremely transparent process was followed until the directive was finalized. "


Utku Cihan emphasized that in the directive, they do not restrict companies from establishing price tariffs in line with the demands from the sector, and that they aim to prevent companies that own electric skateboards from being crushed under competitive conditions by creating a floor and ceiling price, and continued his words as follows:

"Directive, 'Electric Skateboard Sharing System initial fee 2 fully electronic tickets and per minute usage fees cannot exceed 1 full electronic ticket. The opening fee cannot be less than 1/1 of 3 full electronic ticket and the usage fee per minute cannot be less than 1/1 of 6 full electronic ticket ' item was included. According to this article, companies cannot exceed 7TL / 3.5TL as a ceiling fee (opening and min). It is also said that the base fee (opening and min) cannot be below 1.16TL / 0.58TL. Considering that the common fee is 1.99TL / 0.59TL, the directive does not require a raise. At the same time, destructive competition conditions are not prevented by pulling the current pricing below the base wage criterion. The directive, which includes this and many other regulations, contributes to the development of smart transportation systems, which is one of the transportation types of the future, and prevents the occurrence of user and commercial grievances. "


Underlining that the vehicles having an identification number in electric skateboard systems are implemented in many cities around the world, Cihan said: kazanç is not to achieve. It is to ensure that third parties other than the operating company and the user can make the necessary applications and messages in a short way during a violation or any emergency. In the event of an accident or violation, the necessary help or complaint can be made easily, without specifying a place, only through the identification number of the skateboard. Operating companies already contain a code for each skateboard in their own systems. The plate is just a way of making it visible to third parties.”


Apart from these two issues that are frequently mentioned and discussed in the public, the directive includes many other regulations regarding the development of electric skateboard driving culture, user safety and public awareness. Other important arrangements foreseen are as follows;

  • Firms must have at least one mass awareness campaign every year.
  • It is mandatory to have a fall sensor in the vehicles. In case of a warning from the fall sensor of a moving skateboard, the user should be contacted immediately and asked if he / she needs emergency assistance, and if necessary, the 112 emergency service should be directed according to the location information in the system.
  • It should be ensured that a monitoring mechanism is established for users, and the usage rights of persons subject to more than one violation are restricted for a period of time.
  • Anonymous driving data should be shared with local governments in line with open data principles.
  • Business companies must have ISO 27001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 39001 certificates.
  • Each skateboard must be insured for damages and damages that may be caused to third parties.
  • When it is determined that it is used with a pleasurable substance, the user's right of use is suspended for 180 days in the first violation, and in the second violation, the system membership is terminated indefinitely.
  • Vehicles below 10% charge level cannot be used.
  • Operating companies have to give a confidentiality undertaking within the scope of KVKK.

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