EGO Buses Seat Upholstery Survey Concluded

ego bus seat file survey concluded
ego bus seat file survey concluded

The survey, organized by the General Directorate of EGO, in order to get the opinion of the citizens in the selection of seat upholstery of EGO buses, was concluded. "How do you think the seat upholstery is in EGO buses?" Başkent residents participated in the survey. 18 percent of the 689 thousand 49 capitalists participating in the survey preferred the flooring in option A.

The practices initiated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş in the city administration with the principle of common sense and participation are increasing day by day.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which draws attention with the surveys that give importance to the opinions of the citizens in many applications, left the choice of seat upholstery of the EGO buses to the capitalists. The survey study organized by the EGO General Directorate has been concluded.


The General Directorate of EGO has decided to renew the seat upholstery of the EGO buses so that citizens can travel in the city in a more robust, comfortable and ergonomic way.

In the survey conducted on the official website of the Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of EGO in order to renew the seat upholstery in solo buses, which are worn out or have completed their economic life, Başkent residents were presented with three options for the fabric design of the seats.

In a short time, 18 thousand 689 people from Başkent participated in the survey study, which attracted great interest from Başkent people. The sofa upholstery in the A option with 49 percent in the survey was the most admired fabric design. With 38 percent, C was the second most admired fabric design, while the seat upholstery in option B was the least popular design with 13 percent.

ego bus seat file survey concluded


The 610 thousand 2009 seat upholstery of the 2010 2011, 18 and 910 model solo buses belonging to the EGO General Directorate will be replaced within 3 months with the fabric design preferred by the people of Başkent.

While the Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry out works that make life easier and people-oriented, Başkent residents will be able to use EGO buses with the seat design they choose.

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