Edirnekapı Metrobus Station D-100 Highway Will Be Closed For New Overpass Work

new overpass work to edirnekapi metrobus station will be closed
new overpass work to edirnekapi metrobus station will be closed

IMM is building a new overpass at Edirnekapı Metrobus Station in order to reduce the passenger density and provide disabled access. Within the scope of the study, E-5 Highway and Haliç Bridge will be closed to traffic on a one-way basis tonight and Saturday night.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is building a new pedestrian overpass to Edirnekapı Metrobus Station within the scope of the "Construction of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Pedestrian Overpasses on the Metrobus Road in Istanbul". The metrobus platform section will also be extended to this new overpass. The old overpass will continue to serve. With the project, the density of passengers in the region will be reduced and the overpass will be suitable for disabled use.

Within the scope of the work in Edirnekapı, the steel construction of the newly built pedestrian overpass will be replaced. For this, D-100 (E-5) Highway will be closed to traffic for 2 nights one-way.

D-100 Highway Edirnekapı Metrobus Stop location Zincirlikuyu direction will be closed to traffic between 13:2020 on 23 August 59 and 14:2020 on 06 August 00. Circulation will be carried out on Beylerbeyi Caddesi - Savaklar Caddesi.

Avcılar direction will be closed to traffic between 16:2020 and 01:00 on August 09, 00 (the night connecting Saturday to Sunday). Circulation will be provided at the Edirnekapı-Rami road junction and then over the First Connection Road-Beylerbeyi.


In addition to the renewed overpasses, elevators or ramps that will facilitate disabled access are also being built on the 44-station metrobus line. Efforts are underway at Mecidiyeköy and 15 July Martyrs Bridge stations to make disabled access even easier with additional elevators and ramps. Planning is still ongoing for 11 stations that do not have elevators or ramps. Currently, 33 stations on the metrobus line have elevators or ramps for the disabled.


On the other hand, within the scope of the joint renewal work (the metal profile part separating the two bridges), the second phase of the Golden Horn Bridge, which started a few days ago, concrete was poured and the welding process was completed.

With the completion of the work, 2 lanes of the bridge, which were closed in the Edirnekapı - Okmeydanı direction, were opened to traffic.

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