Who is Edip Akbayram?

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Ahmet Edip Akbayram, known as Edip Akbayram (b. 29 December 1950, Gaziantep), Turkish musician.

Life story
He was born on December 29, 1950 in Gaziantep. He contracted polio when he was nine months old. Having spent his childhood in the grip of this disease, Edip Akbayram's passion for music started in his childhood. Akbayram for those years "I used to go to the concerts of famous pop singers with the money I saved from my weekly week, and when I returned home I would imitate them in front of the mirror." He said. He founded an orchestra during his childhood years and worked as an amateur in a wedding hall near their home.

In the orchestra they founded in the high school, they played and sang the compositions of Pir Sultan and Karacaoğlan. He made the first record myself, I found it myself, and he did it during his high school years. The band he released his first record was called Black Spiders. The record was released in two different editions under the titles "Siyah Örümcekler-Gaziantep Orchestra" and "Edip Akbayram and Siyah Örümcekler". Adana became its second address after Gaziantep. Adana is the city where Akbayram first appeared on the stage with the orchestra he founded. Later, he started working in a casino called "White House".

He finished high school in 1968 and went to Istanbul. When he finished high school, he took the university exams and won the dentistry to get the education of the profession he always wanted to learn. But music dominated and gave up this profession and gave himself to music.

After coming to Istanbul, he participated in the Golden Microphone Competition in 1971. He came in first with his first composition “Kükredi Çimenler”, which was inspired by a poem by Aşık Veysel. He founded the Dostlar Orchestra in 1974 and became one of the leading names of Anatolian pop music. Later, he received awards with 45s titles "Black Lamb", "Over the Sea Foam" and "Garip" and became an artist whose reputation is heard throughout the country. The artist, who broke sales records and won a gold record with her songs "Aldırma Gönül" and "Eşkiya Dünyaya Ruler", has around 250 awards given by various organizations.

The 80s were difficult years for Edip Akbayram and those who made similar music. Between 1981-88, his compositions were banned from TRT. But since the mid-90s, he made a new debut, especially with the album Türküler Yanmaz, showing that he continues to walk in his own line without deviating. Akbayram dedicated this album to those who lost their lives in the Sivas Massacre. In this album, there were songs composed by Can Yücel, Oktay Rifat, Ahmed Arif and Vedat Türkali.

Edip Akbayram explained what he wanted to do from the beginning as follows: “I wanted to do something permanent. I took as an example Fikret Kızılok and Cem Karaca singing Anatolian melodies in a pop style. I developed it as an Edip Akbayram in color and line. I wanted to make socialist music. Large masses of people must have had their lives and problems in my music. However, I also tried to stay away from sharp, cheap heroism. I wanted to reach the problematic, poor, large masses of people and do something more contemporary, without compromising my beliefs, thoughts, and politics, and by using the music technique. " The artist who married Ayten Hanım in 1979 has a son and a daughter named Türkü and Ozan from this marriage.

Albums (LP / MC / CD) 

  • (May 2012)
  • What I Couldn't Say (2008)
  • Yesterday and Today 3 (2005)
  • Yesterday and Today 2 (2004)
  • 33rd (2002)
  • Hello (2001)
  • Like the first day (1999)
  • Yesterday and Today (1998)
  • Years (1997)
  • We Will See Good Days (1996)
  • Türküler Yanmaz (1994)
  • Have a Song on Your Lips (1993)
  • Unforgettable (1992)
  • How is the weather there? (1991)
  • No News From You (1991)
  • Shahdamar (1990)
  • Freedom (1988)
  • A Newcomer to the Day (1986)
  • Friends 1985 (1985)
  • Friends 1984 (1984)
  • Happy Birthday (1982)
  • What Is What Is Not? (1977)
  • Edip Akbayram (1974)

45 of 

  • I Made It Myself I Found It Myself - The Language of Flowers (Black Spiders) (1970)
  • Roaring Grasses - For Vain (1972)
  • My Mother Cries Sits By My Bedside - Love Me Me
  • Above the Sea Bubbles - Smoky Smoky Oy Our Hands (1973)
  • Touch My Sorrowful Mourning Heart
  • Thin Snow Falls - Mountains Caught Me (1974)
  • Strange - Black of Eyebrows
  • Where Did My Arm Get You This Chain - Gamut Is Made On The Gamut (1975)
  • Mehmet Emmi - Don't Forgive You (1976)
  • Cruel Cruel - Whore Fate
  • Never mind the heart - you opened the wound (1977)
  • Do not be offended by Mothers, Masters - Adiloş Bebe (1978)
  • Bandits Won't Rule the World - The Song of the Outsiders (1979)
  • We Have Holiday Today - This Year My Green Bond Dried Out (1981)
  • In 1971, Edip Akbayram recorded the album Here's Hendek Here is Camel - Katip Arzuhalim, filled with Mongols by Barış Manço with the Nejat Taylan Orchestra. The record was released on behalf of Nejat Taylan Orchestra.

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