Domestic Air Defense System SUNGUR to Enter TSK Inventory in 2020

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The SUNGUR Air Defense Missile System, maintained under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and developed by Roketsan, has reached the final stage.

SUNGUR system deliveries, which will be effective at a range of 8 km with its direct strike capability, are aimed to be delivered before planned, the first deliveries will be made in 2020 by speeding up the commissioning activities of the serial production line.

The SUNGUR system, which is the first stage of the layered air defense system, developed entirely with domestic and national facilities, has the features to provide air defense of mobile / fixed units and facilities in the battlefield and in the rear region. SUNGUR, which can be described as a short range air defense system in terms of general performance characteristics, is the first member of the HİSAR Air Defense family and one of the important elements of the layered air defense system.

by Roketsan, Turkey's prepared to assume an important role in the layered air defense, Hisar-based first product of the national air defense system SUNGUR take inventory of the Air Defense Missile System, and the Turkish Armed many domestic solutions to meet the air defense requirements of the Forces are continuing to work with partners.

Turkish Presidency Defense Industry President Demir announced the development on his social media account Twitter with the following statements;

“A surprising force to increase the capabilities of our security forces! Under the leadership of our Agency, SUNGUR, the new member of our air defense family, developed by Roketsan together with domestic defense industry stakeholders, is ready to enter the inventory after successful firing tests!

The new member of our gradual air defense system can be integrated into land, air and naval platforms with its portable feature.

SUNGUR has mobile firing capability, day and night target detection, identification, identification, tracking and 360-degree shooting capability.

SUNGUR is a system ahead of its class with its effectiveness against air elements and high maneuverability, high target hit capability and countermeasure, titanium warhead, long range sight of the target. "

BMC Hitting TTZA Integrated Test Shot

Roketsan's HİSAR, Stinger et al. from projects kazanThe SUNGUR system, which it has developed with various investments, is expressed as the "Very Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System". The system, which is planned to replace the US origin FIM-92 Stinger MANPADS in the Turkish Armed Forces inventory, includes much more advanced features than the FIM-92 Stinger and other systems in its class; SUNGUR is a system ahead of its class with its effectiveness and high maneuverability against air elements, high target hit ability and countermeasure feature, titanium warhead, and sighting that enables the target to be viewed from a long range.

In the test firings carried out, the SUNGUR system was integrated on the VURAN 4 × 4 TTZA produced by BMC and included in the TSK inventory. In the SUNGUR system, there are 4 very low altitude air defense missiles ready to fire.

Source: defenceturk

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