Company Establishment Period Abroad From Digital

In Turkey, the tax office, notary, chamber of commerce, which the company set up online services without having to go to taxpayers, the new application for entrepreneurs who want to open abroad was launched.

Okan Şafak, founding partner of Mükellef, said, “We are excited to open our operations abroad with the new application we have developed. For Turkish entrepreneurs who want to establish a company in the United States and England, we complete all the setup processes within a few days and enable them to own a company ”.

private company set up in Turkey in a short time as 10 minutes, the notary, chamber of commerce and tax offers the opportunity to establish before going to the apartment taxpayers, the United States and England new applications that implement also offers companies installation service. With the application where all the physically required procedures to establish a company abroad can be carried out on the online platform, the company becomes active within a few days after the registration process is completed.

Abroad that foreign trade new services offered to entrepreneurs who want to open up markets digitalisation of the contribution that said taxpayers founding partner Okan Safak provide, "especially significant potential hosts for the first phase of our service to take place within the first 5 countries in the export of the United States and Britain in Turkey. On the other hand, they are among the 10 countries where most companies are established. According to the data of 2019, we see that 1,5 million companies were established in the USA and 800 thousand companies in England. Digitalization, which accelerated with the pandemic, mobilized business processes in many sectors, and added many issues such as virtual fairs and meetings to our lives. Turkey's then that we started with overseas expansion, we are in this period has created an important opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the digital business opportunities. "We aim to increase our service, which we have started for the USA and the UK, to 2021 countries by the end of 10".

Digital company formation period

They manage a successful process in Turkey on the implementation via the online platform the company setup stressed taxpayers Founding Partner Okan Safak: "Especially our users experiencing Taxpayer pandemic period in a short span of 10 minutes without leaving the house showed great interest in the company setup. When we evaluate the success of the platform in process management, the demands coming and the potential market targets of the entrepreneurs, we provide Turkish entrepreneurs who want to establish a company abroad through the current platform, without residing in another country, without going to that country, we provide a company establishment service in a short time. Our users can easily access many different services through Mükellef, such as the software they need in virtual office and invoice transactions, through our local business partners who know the conditions in accordance with the legislation of the relevant country during the establishment of the company. In the first stage, the service we offer covers only Turkish citizens. "By the end of 2021, our goal is to provide the same service to the citizens of other countries, and to enable entrepreneurs from all over the world to establish their companies online through our platform."

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