Digital Helmet Online Internship Program Starts!

Yapı Merkezi Human Resources Department carried the internship process carried out every year to the online platform due to the pandemic this year, and broke new ground in the sector with the Digital Helmet online internship program.

In the process carried out on a digital platform from beginning to end, students who were successful in online interviews were eligible to participate in the Digital Helmet program.

A total of 98 students will participate in the internship program formed by the students of engineering and architecture faculties of universities.

The first semester, which started on July 24 with the participation of 1 students, will end on July 31, via the Yapı Merkezi Academy platform. According to the designed program, the second period of the internship process is 2–1 August; The third period will take place between September 31-3.

Designed based on Yapı Merkezi's value to education, development and technology, this digital program consists of 4 education categories to contribute to the personal and professional development of students and to raise awareness for new generation applications.



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