Büyükçekmece Employment Office Opened with a Ceremony

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluopened its 5th Regional Employment Office in Büyükçekmece. Mega project; Summarizing with the words: producing, supporting workers, touching people, doing human-oriented work, producing works that serve people in today's world, İmamoğlu said, “The mega project is not to pay for the airport you don't fly to. Paying for a bridge you didn't cross is not at all. Mega project; It does not mean a project that will capsize a city, that is meaningless, careless, that does not touch people in any way, and that even destroys the values ​​of this city from the past and its hopes for the future. Mega project; It is a business that respects work, age, people and labor and produces solutions”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the 5th of “Regional Employment Offices”; After Küçükçekmece, Şişli, Kartal and Sancaktepe, it opened in Büyükçekmece. Opening of Büyükçekmece Employment Office, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of At the opening, İmamoğlu was accompanied by CHP Istanbul deputy Turan Aydoğan, Büyükçekmece Mayor Hasan Akgün, Beylikdüzü Mayor Mehmet Murat Çalık and IMM senior management. Many citizens watched the opening from afar due to social distance rules. At the ceremony held for the opening, the first speeches were made by İSPER A.Ş. General Manager, Ayşe Banu Saraçlar and Hasan Akgün.

Delivering the opening speech of the ceremony, İmamoğlu emphasized that our aim as IMM is to support the country's administration. Pointing out that a country can stand up with its institutions arm in arm and shoulder to shoulder, Imamoglu said, “We are ready for the greatest solidarity, the biggest march in arms with every institution of our state on the issue of unemployment, earthquake, and the crucial problems of the city; I even express that we are at your disposal as before. Nobody should have any doubts about it, ”he said.


Stating that they have created job opportunities for more than 4 thousand people with an average of 6-7 months of work in 6 employment offices they previously opened, İmamoğlu said: “We will stand by our state and our institutions. However, if there is a betrayal to this city, if an evil is to be done to this city, if the life of this city is to be capsized, if its nature is to be destroyed, if we want to be a generation that has no meaning in the name of urbanism and will be curse by the generations in the future, such a dire project , I do not call it a project, we will stand firmly on behalf of 16 million across Kanal Istanbul.

To produce, to support the laborer, to touch people, to do human-oriented business, to produce works that serve people in today's world; These are the 'mega projects'. Mega project is not about paying for the airport you are not flying to. Paying money for the bridge you don't cross is not at all. Mega project; It does not mean a project that will capsize a city, that is meaningless, impudent, that does not touch people in any way, or even destroys the values ​​of this city from the past and its hopes for the future. Mega project; It is the work that respects the work, people, labor and produces solutions. "

Sharing the information that one out of 4 young people is unemployed today, İmamoğlu said, “Perhaps there is no society in the world experiencing such intensive unemployment among its young population. You are giving 25 percent waste at the moment. Unfortunately, one out of every 3 young people we think we have educated is not equipped with their profession. There is no environment where he can get guidance on what job he will get and direct himself. However, our youth; He is intelligent, agile and character. We trust our youth. Young people want environments and ecosystems to fulfill their dreams. He wants to set an example to the world with the works he produces in those environments. In this sense, we have implemented a very effective model, especially at the point of preparing such young people for life, but with the training programs we will implement in our regional employment offices but at ISMEK. We will enlarge this. We are afraid and sad that; There is a concern that they will both go and go. What is it, our well-educated young people bring their dreams abroad. "Such a heavenly country, such a beautiful country, should not have a sparkling brain to send a single young man abroad."

“Someone should escape from unemployment and continue to distract the society with another agenda. Saying that we will face the unemployment created by them, produce remedies and continue to be a hope for the wounds of those people and their hearts, Imamoglu said, “About 2 companies were contacted with employment offices. We want this to increase in number. The number of manpower contacted is going towards exceeding 500 thousand. I especially express that the number of this should increase and our motivation in this sense should be high ”. Noting that they aim to increase the number of offices, İmamoğlu said, “In a city like Istanbul, we have to talk about wealth, not poverty. We are not in a city like Istanbul unemployment, we must bow motivation emitting a city jobs all over Turkey. Istanbul has such a responsibility. So if today if Istanbul is in this situation, if that's the result of poverty flutters up both the management problems in Turkey's Istanbul today. But we're going to reverse it from here. I hope both our city and our country will achieve a valuable process in this sense, especially economically. Together we will reverse this process. We are not just removing partisanship from the Metropolitan building; We came to dismantle it from 50 districts of Istanbul, ”he said.

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