'30 August Victory Park', New Place for Cycling Lovers in the Capital

the new venue for cycling fans in the capital august victory park
the new venue for cycling fans in the capital august victory park

In the "30 August Zafer Park", which was opened by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, people from 7 to 70 show great interest in the rental bicycle service. The people of Başkent spend enjoyable moments by riding bicycles in the park, which has a bicycle path of 2 meters.

The bicycle rental service initiated in the "30 Ağustos Zafer Park", which is located next to AŞTİ and opened by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, attracts great attention.

After the practice initiated in order to popularize cycling in the capital, 30 Ağustos Zafer Park, which is one of the recreation areas visited by the people of the capital, has a bicycle path of 2 meters.


With the instruction of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, efforts were accelerated to increase the bicycle paths in the city; In Zafer Park on August 30, which includes picnic areas, playgrounds, walking and jogging paths, everyone from 7 to 70 has a pleasant time on weekdays and weekends with the rental bike service.

While those who come to the park ride bicycles in a safe and peaceful environment, the number of children learning to use bicycles is increasing every day.


The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to spread the bicycle, which is an environmentally friendly and healthy means of transportation, as a means of transportation, brings together the people of Başkent with the method of renting bicycles that appeal to all age groups in 30 August Zafer Park.

The fee tariffs of the bicycle rental service implemented by the Department of Environmental Protection and Control;

  • It is applied as 60 TL FOR 6 MINUTES.


Citizens of all age groups thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the "Bicycle Renting" application launched in August 30 Zafer Park, expressing their satisfaction with the following words:

  • Emir Özkahveci (11 years old): “We often come to this park with my family and friends. I rent a bike every time I come. We ride bicycles with my friends and have a lot of fun. Fortunately, Metropolitan built this park. "
  • Muhammed Ali Doyuk (9 years old): “I came to Ankara from Istanbul. I liked this park very much. Here we play games, ride bikes with my cousin. I loved the environment of this place, we enjoy cycling safely. "
  • Kübra Şatay (26 years old): “We came to this park for the first time with my friends, the sitting areas are very nice, I liked the green areas very much. Bicycle prices are also very affordable. We liked that the bike area was separated. It's a family friendly environment. This park to Ankara kazanI would like to thank Mansur Yavaş who
  • Şenay Topal (45 years old): I come to this park almost every day. I do sports here, I ride my bike. As a woman, I find this park safe and spend time in safety. The absence of vehicle passage is also very advantageous for us. It is difficult to find such opportunities in Ankara. We do not have to carry bicycles here. We rent a bicycle and have a lot of fun as a family. We are both very pleased and very happy with this service. I thank those who provided us with this environment. "
  • Merve Şatay (27 years old): “I came to this park for the first time and I liked it very much. Everywhere is green and the cycling area also drew our attention. I will try to come more often now. The absence of vehicles also creates a safe area for cyclists. "

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