Ayamama Creek Rehabilitation Work Continues From Three Branches

Ayamama Creek improvement works
Ayamama Creek improvement works

IMM continues its rehabilitation work in Ayamama Creek, which will eliminate floods and floods, at three different points. İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu will visit the point where the rehabilitation work is carried out in order to examine the project that will make Istanbulites breathe comfortably and to advance the process quickly.

İSKİ, one of the affiliated organizations of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), continues its rehabilitation works in Ayamama Creek, which flows through six districts and flows into the Marmara Sea. Due to the overflow of Ayamama Creek, one of the longest rivers of the city, in the past years; Flood disasters have occurred many times in İkitelli, Güneşli, Yenibosna and Ataköy districts. In order to prevent these disasters from happening again, IMM conducts rehabilitation works in three different points, namely between the Marmara Sea - the World Trade Center, the World Trade Center - the TEM Highway and the regions above the TEM Highway. İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu will visit the point where the rehabilitation work is carried out tomorrow at 18.00 to make examinations in the project area that will solve an important problem of the city for many years.


IMM; It is carrying out a rehabilitation project in order to eliminate the flooding risk of Ayamama Creek passing through Başakşehir, Sultangazi, Küçükçekmece, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler and Bakırköy districts. The rehabilitation of 21 meters of the Ayamama Creek, whose main tributary is 15.800 kilometers long, has been completed in previous years. In the remaining part of 5.200 meters, reclamation work, wastewater collector manufacturing, expropriation operations and zoning practices continue.

After the completion of the ongoing work, Ayamama Creek and its surroundings will have a brand new face. Ayamama, which will be reconstructed, will be transformed into a valley of life. In Ayamama Life Valley, which will be a center of attraction for the people of the region, there will be walking-cycling routes, green areas, children's playgrounds and activity areas. After the completion of the rehabilitation of Ayamama Creek, the Valley is planned to be opened in the early summer of 2021.



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