Additional Circular from the Ministry of Interior on Kovid-19 Measures

additional circular from council measures on interior ministry
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An additional circular on Covid-81 Measures was sent to 19 provincial governorships of the Ministry of Interior. In the circular, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee in order to manage the risk of the Covid-19 epidemic in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to protect the physical distance and to control the rate of spread, our President, Mr. It was reminded that many precautionary decisions were taken in line with the instructions of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and put into practice.

It was stated that it is essential to comply with the measures in order to continue the fight against the coronavirus epidemic effectively in the controlled social life period. At the present stage, it was noted that a new era has entered, in which early detection, home isolation and home treatment processes come to the fore and the measures to be taken will be shaped according to these priorities. The principles of guidance, persuasion and deterrence are important in the activities to be carried out in this new period. kazanit was emphasized.

In accordance with the controlled social life process, by the governorships / district governorships in line with the rules of cleaning, mask and physical distance, which are the basic principles of combating the epidemic; except for cases where the disease is severe; Measures will be taken to collect samples of people with whom they are in contact with the symptoms of the disease at home, to monitor the isolation processes in their homes, to treat them at their homes, and to provide the vehicle and personnel support needed to the health units immediately.

Persons Subject to Insulation will be Supervised

The information of the persons who are subjected to isolation in their homes will be obtained from the Provincial Health Directorates, and the governor / district governor and law enforcement units will monitor whether the isolation conditions are complied with, especially in the first 7 days, and these people will be inspected frequently.

Fillation Studies Follow-up Boards Will Be Established Under the Presidency of Deputy Governor and District Governors
Fillation Studies Follow-up Boards will be established under the chairmanship of deputy governors in provinces and district governors in districts. The changes in the number of patients, inpatients, seriously ill and isolation persons will be followed by these institutions and the health, law enforcement and other appropriate unit representatives will be met at 16:00 every day.

In order to determine the necessary measures to be taken and to reach the contacts of the sick, inpatient, seriously ill and the person in isolation more quickly and effectively, the radiation teams will be supported by law enforcement units and the headmen, teachers and imams in the villages / neighborhoods, and these people will be informed and kept in isolation.

In order to detect the disease in the early period and to start the isolation process, our citizens will be informed about applying to health institutions as soon as they feel the first symptoms.

Cleaning, Mask, Distance Emphasis

In press releases, speeches and posts on other communication platforms, cleaning, mask and distance emphasis will be made. Taking into consideration that the physical distance with the use of a mask reduces the spread of the disease, necessary warnings will be made to be an example for the personnel under control.

Necessary precautions will be taken according to the increase and decrease in the number of patients, inpatients, severe patients and isolation persons on a provincial basis. In the provinces with high daily and weekly increase rates, additional measures and audit activities will be implemented at the highest level. The effectiveness and visibility of Covid-19 audit activities will be increased.
Wedding, engagement, circumcision, etc. no concessions for mask and distance rules in organizations
Wedding, engagement, circumcision etc. in organizations; The use of masks and situations that violate the rules of physical distance will not be allowed.

Meetings will be held with sector representatives / operators / organizers and representatives of tradesmen chambers regarding the mandatory rules. The decisions of the Provincial / District Sanitary Board will be notified to the relevant people, and they will be warned to comply with the measures.

Audits will be carried out through stimulating and expert audit teams. Warning in the first violation, administrative fines in the second violation, suspension of activity for 1 day in the third violation, and suspension of activity for 3 days in the fourth violation.

Apart from the stimulating and expert inspection teams, an audit will also be carried out by civilian personnel or officials (in civilian clothes) to determine whether the measures have been followed.
The inspections will be done graciously with a stimulating, guiding and deterrent approach.

Condolences will be restricted

In all provinces, especially in the provinces in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions where collective condolence is applied;

In condolence houses, in houses, in open areas, a decision will be taken in the Provincial / District Hygiene Boards to avoid condolences. In addition, the following text regarding this issue will be announced at least once a day, especially in provinces in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions, from mosque and municipal loudspeakers and law enforcement vehicles. In the announcements, “Dear Citizens, The danger of an epidemic continues. In the findings made, it was understood that the epidemic spread more than condolences. It was decided that our condolences should not be held collectively in any environment during the epidemic period. May Allah Almighty have mercy on all our past. " Expressions will be used.

New Era in Combating Outbreak; Kırıkkale Pilot Province

In this new era in combating the epidemic;

Provincial Outbreak Control Center will be established within the Governorate, which provides the single coordination and management of outbreak control activities.

A call system will be established where all kinds of complaints and notices regarding violations can be made.
A central database will be created where the names, addresses, time, if any, the nature of the violation and other information will be recorded in the audited workplaces, urban public transportation vehicles, commercial taxis and persons.

Empowered and expert supervision teams will be created with the personnel and vehicle support of all institutions.

Expanding the use of the Life Home Fits Home Safe Area system in workplaces, urban public transportation vehicles and commercial taxis and inspections will be intensified according to the feedbacks of citizens evaluating the compliance with the epidemic rules. At the end of this process, as a result of three consecutive audits to reward workplaces that comply with the measures and to encourage other workplaces, the Ministry of Health Covid-19 Outbreak Management and Work Guide and the Ministry's audit forms are found to comply with the rules specified in the inspection forms, in-city public transport vehicles and commercial taxis. logo will be given.

Studies will be initiated to launch the Coronavirus Provincial Inspection Application Model in Kırıkkale province as a pilot and to spread it in other provinces according to the results to be achieved.

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