Yozgat Governor Inspected the Polat Yerköy YHT Construction Site

Yozgat governor polat yerkoy made observations in yht
Yozgat governor polat yerkoy made observations in yht

Yozgat Governor Ziya Polat inspected the construction of İnandık Dam and Yerköy construction site of the Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas YHT line.

Governor Polat, who continued his trips within the scope of the district visits, went to Yerköy district. Visiting the Mayor and District Governorship, Governor Polat received information from District Governor Mustafa Karaca and Mayor Ferhat Yılmaz about the work carried out in the district.

Studies continue in İnandık

Governor Polat, who examined the construction of the İnandık Dam, stated that the dam will have a holding capacity of 31.1 million cubic meters of water and that when it is completed, it will irrigate 2 thousand 875 hectares of agricultural land.

Governor Polat Inspected YHT Construction Site

Later, Governor Polat, who passed the Ankara-Yozgat-Sivas YHT line to the Yerköy construction site, made examinations and received information from the authorities about the latest state of the works. Stating that the high-speed train is an important investment, Governor Polat said that it will make a great contribution to our city.

Our Martyr Family is Not Forgotten

Governor Ziya Polat visited the family of Gendarmerie Lieutenant Süleyman Şahin, who was martyred after a mine explosion in Hakkari in 2004, living in Yerköy and wished God's mercy to our martyr and his family condolences.

Visiting Tradesmen and with Citizens Sohbet Had

Governor Ziya Polat, who also visited the district tradesmen, visited the citizens and shopkeepers for a while. sohbet and wished good deeds by asking their well-being. Governor Polat warned the people of the district that the mask distance and cleaning rules should be strictly observed.

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