YKS Success of State-Protected Youth

Yks success in state protection
Yks success in state protection

650 students benefiting from the social service models of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services took the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS). 650 out of 3 students entered the top 10 thousand with successful results. The top 10 thousand winners were Mustafa Kömür from Karaman with 431 points (3376th place), Ebru Topkara from Ordu with 414 points (6702th place) and Gülsün Yağmur Özdemir from Mersin with 413 points (7224th place). 100 students entered the first 34 thousand in the ranking.

The studies carried out to increase the academic success of students under state protection have also positively reflected on the university exam results of children. Thanks to the social service models carried out to increase the school success of students supported by the Ministry's social service models, it also increased the rate of placement in the departments that students wanted. While 34 students entered the first 100 thousand in the verbal, numerical, equal weight and language rankings; 3 students took part in the first 10 thousand.

The Ministry Does Not Leave Students Alone In Higher Education

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services mobilizes all opportunities to increase the academic success of students who benefit from social work models. In addition to the school success of the children, sports and artistic works are also given importance.

Young People Receive 1168 TL Pocket Money and Education Scholarship Per Month

During their university education, they benefit from childcare institutions or dormitories affiliated to Kredi Yurtlar Kurumları free of charge. Considering their needs, young people are given clothing support twice a year. Young people are provided with a monthly scholarship of 1.168 TL and a scholarship. Protection and care are determined and the needs of the young people who continue their education are met such as books, stationery, course, exam entrance fee and all kinds of tools and materials required for the course.

Providing Psychosocial Support

While the transportation expenses of the young people going to and from their schools are covered; three meals are provided free of charge. Young people who have completed their higher education are also employed in public institutions and organizations in titles suitable for their educational status.

The Ministry also provides guidance and counseling services by providing psychosocial support to young people attending higher education in line with their needs.

Source: Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services

Günceleme: 03/08/2020 13:00

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