Two Gold Awards to Abdi İbrahim from Steve Awards

Abdi İbrahim won two gold awards at the Stevie International Business Awards. The company's "Home Health" internal communication project received a Stevie Award in the "Most Innovative Use of HR Technology During Pandemic Period" category and the "Regional Manager Selection Process" project in the "Career Management Success" category.

Abdi İbrahim was deemed worthy of two important projects in the field of human resources at the 15 Stevie Awards, which was held for the 700th time this year in different categories and where approximately 2020 applications were evaluated.

While the “Home Health” internal communication project was deemed worthy of the Golden Stevie award in the “Most Innovative HR Technology Use During Pandemic Period” category, the “Regional Manager Selection Process” project won the Golden Stevie award in the “Career Management Success” category.

The Stevie Awards ceremony, the most prestigious organization in the USA, where different companies from many countries compete and where human resources projects, achievements, teams and professionals are evaluated, will take place on November 5, 2020.

Making a statement on the subject, Abdi İbrahim Deputy General Manager of Human Resources, Hakan Onel: “As Abdi İbrahim, we are proud to receive gold awards with our two successful projects from the Stevie Awards, one of the most prestigious award organizations in the world. In addition to our achievements in the field of health, we are happy to achieve such important successes with our human resources projects. It is also important for us that the practices we started during the pandemic period, which affected the world and included a great uncertainty in our lives, to be awarded.

Transferring the details of the awarded projects, Hakan Onel; In our "Regional Manager Election Process" project, we have structured hundreds of internal applications for the last 5 years and evaluated them with scientific methods. With the motto "Everyone is a talent at Abdi İbrahim", we offer an objective and fair evaluation opportunity to our existing internal resources. This year, we achieved this success with the selection process for the regional directorate that we conducted within the scope of the career development of our internal teams.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, we hosted our friends from our company or our expert guests who participate entirely on a voluntary basis in 45-minute broadcasts in our Home Health project, which we implemented by adapting to the process very quickly, on subjects such as healthy life, psychology, family communication, hobbies, skills and personal development. Since March 30, when we started the project with the participation of Abdi İbrahim employees, the total number of participants in 108 live broadcasts we have performed has exceeded 20.000 and our total number of interactions has exceeded 80.000. With this program, we aimed to be in close contact with our employees during the pandemic period, to contribute to their socialization and personal development, and to their psychological and mental relaxation. We supported them to get information on different subjects, to think about new hobbies, in short, to spend this difficult process more efficiently and healthily.


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