Public Transport Use Fell 50 Percent, Personal Vehicle Increased in Izmir

In İzmir, public transportation dropped 6 percent due to Coronavirus (Kovid-19) in 50 months, transportation with personal vehicles increased and traffic peaked. How much was ESHOT buses, metro, tram, İZBAN used?

In İzmir, fear of corona has reduced the use of public transportation by the citizens by half. Before the pandemic, the number of passengers transported by bus, metro, tram, İZBAN, ship and İZTAŞIT decreased by 50 percent on average. While the number of passengers in public transport decreased, private vehicle traffic also became extremely intense. İzmir traffic became unbearable, especially during peak hours.

According to the news of Muhittin Akbel from EgedesonsözWhen we examine the figures for the week, we see a table as follows: On Wednesday, March 4, 2020, one week before the arrival of the pandemic, the number of passengers transported by municipal buses was 1 million 59 thousand 732, while on Tuesday, August 4, this number was 557 thousand 132. . Passengers transported by İZDENİZ ships have declined from 57 thousand 360 to 37 thousand 617. Metro passengers fell from 333 thousand 841 to 160 thousand 208, with a loss of 52 percent. Karşıyaka The number of passengers carried by the tram, which was 29 thousand 205 that day, was 65 thousand 14 on the 645th day of normalization. Konak tram declined from 81 thousand 920 to 42 thousand 130, İZTAŞIT from 10 thousand 622 to 7 thousand 232. While the number of passengers carrying on the İZBAN line was 4 thousand 260 on March 299, it is 56.8 thousand 4 on August 147 with a decrease of 982 percent.

When we look at the numbers as of the weekend, we see that the number of passengers is much less. The buses, which carried 8 thousand 2020 passengers on Sunday, March 3, 607, 440 days before the pandemic, carried 9 thousand 345 passengers on Sunday, August 455. The number of passengers transported by subway decreased from 175 to 168. İZDENİZ's passenger was 94 thousand 581 out of 50 thousand 586. Karşıyaka and Konak trams carried a total of 8 thousand 33 passengers on March 965, while on August 9, only 7 thousand 994 residents of İzmir were transported. The number of passengers of İZBAN decreased from 100 thousand 774 to 32 thousand 87.


While the fear of catching coronavirus causes a bottom in public transport, it is observed that citizens go to work or visit with their private vehicles. Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, Karşıyaka Vehicles move step by step at certain times of the day on the main arteries such as Altınyol, Ankara Street, Yeşildere, Akçay Streets, Talatpaşa and Eşrefpaşa boulevards, which attract the traffic load of the city. Although the Metropolitan Municipality disinfects all public transportation vehicles every day and takes all kinds of protective measures, citizens cannot overcome the fear of catching coronavirus. Citizens say “just in case” and go to traffic with their private vehicles. In fact, it is said that the number of cars, which used to be single in the houses, has increased to two or even three due to the epidemic, and that the spouses and children go to work with a private vehicle and go to corona protection.

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