The Steam-Powered Black Train That Brought Atatürk to Pozantı 100 Years Ago Is At Pozantı Again

The steamy black train that brought ataturku to pozanti a year ago
Photo: TCDD Tasimacilik

The steam black train, which brought the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to Pozantı 100 years ago, was brought to the district for “Atatürk's arrival in Pozantı and the 100th Anniversary Events of the Pozantı Congress”.

Steam train, President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Dr. Mustafa Şentop was brought to Pozantı Station from İzmir in cooperation with TCDD General Directorate of Transport within the scope of the events of "Atatürk's Arrival to Pozantı and the 5th Anniversary of the Pozantı Congress" held on Wednesday, August 100.

Many photographers and citizens flocked from the surrounding provinces and districts to Pozantı Station to see the steam train that brought Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to Pozantı.

Photographers arriving at the Pozantı train station waited for the black train to run and emit steam. 100 years ago, the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was played as if he brought him to Pozanti.

Pozantı Mayor Mustafa Çay shared his social media account, "Thank God it was very helpful to bring the Land Train called Gelmez from Izmir to Pozantı for the 5th Anniversary of the 100th August Pozantı Congress." he announced.

"Turkey has grown, developed, strengthened"

The President of the Parliament, Mustafa Şentop, continued his speech, commemorating with gratitude and gratitude, at the ceremony attended by the 100th anniversary of the Pozantı Congress, commemorating the saint heroes and veterans of the National Struggle, the martyrs, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his fellow soldiers, members of the Pozantı Congress who passed on to eternity. :

“It is their perseverance, efforts, struggle and sacrifices that make it possible for our lands to continue as our homeland. May their souls be chastised. As you know, we were in this year's 100th anniversary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey's opening. Being the President of our Veterans Council is one of the biggest pride in itself. ”

Şentop stated that they processed this homeland with its soil, plant, people, architecture, culture and lifestyle as a needlework, and continued his words as follows:

“During this millennium, we have served the land, people and culture in the geographies we have been in, and worked hard. The existing beliefs, local languages, local architecture, culture and art were carefully preserved in the lands where our great state Ottoman remained for hundreds of years. Everyone living in these lands, where we retreated hundreds of years later, continued their faith, language, culture and art without any disconnection. We have always given unforgettable examples of being the guardian of peace, tranquility, human freedom and personality. A hundred years ago, we have given the answer and lesson they deserve to those who want to occupy and invade the lands of this homeland that we have, with every cell, every cell. So, where are the people who came to occupy Adana and its airport a century ago? What did they do? The French, who disrespectfully and violently approach everything that is colonial, barbarian, human and non-self-involved, committed a massacre in Algeria exactly 75 years ago. We see this France in the massacre in Rwanda in the 90s. ”

During the ceremony, a wreath was placed in the Atatürk Monument, and it was portrayed as a representation of Atatürk's arrival in Adana by steam train.

Adana regional personnel of the General Directorate of TCDD Tasimacilik AS also attended the ceremony.

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