Number of E-Signatures Approached 5 Million

The number of e signatures approached to million
The number of e signatures approached to million

The Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) has published its Market Data Report for the first quarter of 2020. The number of e-signatures produced rose to 4 million 94 thousand 138. The number of mobile signatures reached 635. A total of 547 million 4 thousand 729 electronic certificates were created. Compared to the last quarter of 685, the number of e-signature certificates increased by 2019 percent and the number of mobile signature certificates increased by 4 percent.

E-signature increased by 2020 percent in the first quarter of 4

The number of e-signature certificates, which was 2019 million 3 thousand 935 in the last quarter of 693, increased by 2020 percent in the first quarter of 4 compared to the previous quarter and reached 4 million 94 thousand 138. The number of mobile signatures, which was 2019 thousand 618 in the last quarter of 186, increased by 2020 percent in the first quarter of 2,8 and reached 635 thousand 547. The total number of certificates produced reached 4 million 729 thousand 685.

Signatures were sent from home, not from office

E-GÜVEN General Manager Can Orhun emphasized that the time and cash loss caused by wet signature is greatly reduced with e-signature and mobile signature, and said, “Many companies have preferred the method of working from home within the scope of coronavirus measures. With the transfer of the business to the home environment, companies started to use e-signature solutions more so that their processes that require approval and signature are not interrupted. With our solutions that enable documents requiring signature to be circulated digitally between approval and signature authorities, we ensure that documents are signed within seconds. E-signature, which provides great convenience in processes requiring authentication and signature on the individual side, is the basic application of the e-transformation process. It contributes to the economy of the country with time and operational efficiency as well as to individuals and companies. gave the information.

What is Electronic Signature?

Electronic signature is data that is used to determine who the signer is by attaching it to a document in electronic environment. In accordance with Law No. 5070, e-signature is equivalent to wet signature. Signing is done using the certificates distributed by organizations authorized to issue e-signature certificates.

Your electronic signature is delivered to you on a smart card. You can log in to the system by inserting your signature card into a standard smart card reader.

How to Obtain an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signature is provided by Electronic Certificate Service Providers approved by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority. List of these companies and other information You can reach it at.

In order to run your electronic signature, you must first install the card driver software. This software can be found on the CD or other media sent with the electronic signature or can be obtained from the website of the company from which you received your e-signature.

If you can access your electronic certificate with the program installed on your computer, your certificate is ready to use.

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